Alibaba CEO Mr. Lu: three big strategy this year

cloud network hunting note: alibaba has stood on the top of the world stage. On sale in America, relying on the existing electric business, pay treasure to ali, cloud computing, big data, such as plate, the business extended to novice logistics, health care, culture and other new areas. No new blueprint for how to attract investors? In the field of mobile communications, ali choice fiercely contested, BAT every bosses are richer than you than you work hard also. This means that the burden of ali executive who will not ease for listing. Mr. Lu is deep trust jack ma, is the familiar group alipay and taobao, cloud OS such as business, its powerful execution makes ma can release “I brag, my brother helped me realize” rhetoric. About the future development of ali, “the China business news” reporter interviewed the alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu.

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