Ali: the birth of music I have is the romance of The Three Kingdoms, entrepreneurs only surprise


2015 a.d., March 16, alibaba will acquire to ttpod and dried shrimp music form, ali music since birth. Not long ago, the cool dog music and cool music I announced the complete the merger, ocean music group, at the end of the sprint IPO. Plus connected QQ space and QQ music, QQ game situation of the three pillars of this form.

history always amazing similar, hunting cloud network can not help but think of the online video industry of the nation, the optimal soil consolidation in hand alibaba, baidu, in the merger acquisition of PPS and love. Its starting point and the essence is the same: to reduce the copyright cost, improve the efficiency of distribution.

consulting bedad, issued the 2014 China mobile music APP market monitoring report, statistics show that in 2014, cool dog music cumulative users the highest market share, at 24.3%, ranked second, QQ music market share of 21.1%, cool my music and ttpod ranked third, fourth, respectively.

BAT in baidu, appear very embarrassed, integration, baidu MP3, baidu ting, qianqian, listening music, such as product into a new platform “baidu music”, also is not one of the big three. But also good, baidu has a music company netease cloud music, meters, let’s again to pull on the sound yue, finally can also be called seven male supremacy. The next step, how a manipulator?

copyright is everything?

record era to digital era, the copyright has been struggling between life. However, in recent years, the music copyright received unprecedented attention. So far, the copyright can kill a lack of capital reserves music software company, but have not won’t save any value in reengineering ability of the company, “copyright” cashability, missing have copyright only adds more cost.

market share can represent?

downloads of music App and users, cool dog first. However, users of simple linear quantitative index, combined with the quality of the user, and can be a real “market value”. We see: micro letter blocked shrimp, ttpod and netease cloud music. Despite the AT surface layer reason of war, this several users, the average consumption ability is far beyond the number of users more several other; And product experience more music content and pure, surrounding the features bring irreversible product experience. So no shielding just because no seriously, oh, what a pain comprehension.

unify the whole country?

satisfaction, “the 2014 China mobile music APP market monitoring report shows, ttpod user satisfaction is highest, at 83.5%, QQ music, cool dog music in a sector respectively.

revenue, QQ music are now out of the ground green resources, cool dog and cool but I don’t open, popular with users, at the same time, the main economic source of the game and distribution, all kinds of advertisements. Ali’s music was like a duck to water, backed by alibaba, seller on ali music platform to find suitable artists to their brand. Record company also can through own artist effect on ali day cats and taobao platform of data, targeted, and more long-term planning artist development direction, at the same time for the artists to maximize potential commercial value.

and see baidu have to suppress what is big, otherwise, the world saw only the romance of The Three Kingdoms, which still have what seven male supremacy. Of course, the possibility of unify the whole country is only a little chance, according to the stability triangle, the situation of tripartite confrontation will exist for a long time, champions league and the position of the bronze maybe will continue to change.

music class App has a disease, entrepreneurs need to surprise

music App lack of product innovation: the “studio” model difficult beyond YY, online performance, peripheral products selling product line to dry out the sound yue, has its own ecosystem of digestion and revenue ratio not QQ music, music dried shrimp. The so-called giant challenger, never rush in where angels fear to tread because of established monopoly situation, entrepreneurs only, before the first world war.

fortunately, startup extraordinary innovation ability and hunting before cloud network reported “30 seconds short – enjoy music sharing software”, small and solved the music software although lot, but found that like the problem of low efficiency of music. And most beautiful lyrics with the words, social concept, is the lyrics from the song, alone, also can yet be regarded as for one hand.

in addition, music can also be interacting with hardware products, tapping on the headphones and dried shrimp music, song found two fitting for find friends, also can be automatically generated music diary. Even face to face with musicians and music itself, but also has with the copyright of the VOW music headphones.

maybe, music class App also can have more play, such as for a specific population. You love K song, like the song, so there has been a sing, if you like the original? Obstacles to ordinary people to create music itself is staff and other professional theory knowledge, but by feeling of hum the outbreak of inspiration, is there a way to improve it into a song? Even if the audience only oneself, also replace entertaining.

postscript: nine 2015 annual strategy conference, announced its integration of ali mobile game business has completed preliminary, nine swam in ali’s internal resources will also upgrade, will get taobao, pay treasure, such as what search traffic support multiple entry directly.

this two days of music, ali ali mobile game, combined with literature, ali ali pictures. Ali, the contents of the ecological building your house can set a mahjong table.

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