Ali electric business strong growth than expected, Mr. Zhang served as group CEO, 70, 80, after comprehensively at the helm

May 7, alibaba group, announced today that the first quarter of 2015. Ali China retail platform (taobao, Tmall, bargain) strong growth performance, turnover of 600.1 billion yuan in the first quarter, up 40% from a year earlier, the mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 50% for the first time. At the same time, ali group first-quarter revenue of 17.425 billion yuan, up 45% from a year earlier.

alibaba this quarter’s turnover, profit and income of the indicators fully consistent 17 more than Wall Street analysts expected. Under the escort of strong performance, ali has been a steady implementation of leading groups of younger inheritance, a number of executives, including CEO Mr. Lu to 70 management after complete transfer of daily management. Ali announced today that zhang yong will be ali group CEO, at the same time, a line of ali’s President after all by 70. Mr. Lu, CEO, will become alibaba vice chairman of the board.

in the past three years leading group gradually, and younger, driven by ali to mobile business continued rapid transformation, laid the foundation for more ambitious target. Ma release staff letter said, “ali baba five years later will become the world’s first company turnover of more than $1 trillion, over the next ten years to build the global electronic commerce network.”

results show that the alibaba group business, the core operational indicators continue strong growth. On March 31, as of 15 years in the 12 months, China’s retail platforms active buyers of 350 million, up 37% from a year earlier, compared with the same period last year increased by 95 million, from outside a second-tier cities of particularly rapid growth.

strong user growth and expansion of category, driving China’s retail platform turnover year-on-year growth of 40%, up to 600 billion yuan. Turnover in the current quarter, emerging category, such as auto parts, home decoration, food and health care products, has been higher than the average level of strong growth.

this quarter, alibaba group, income of RMB 17.425 billion ($2.811 billion), 45% more than last year.

results showed the alibaba again on mobile electricity unrivalled leadership. The quarterly results showed that ali China retail platform of mobile terminal sales accounted for the first time 50%, reaching 303.8 billion yuan. Not only mobile end month active users increased to 289 million people, up 77% from a year earlier, the quarterly growth in 24 million, and mobile user consumption level also is growing.

when a large number of young people become ali moving force behind the transformation, as a native mobile Internet after 8090 generation, natural sensitive for moving the market. So far, after ali management in 70 accounted for 45%, after the 80 managers accounted for 52%, and after 3000, 90 joined the alibaba.

at the same time of give young people enough development space, alibaba also have been reward young people, in the current quarter, alibaba took out 4.632 billion yuan ($747 million) to equity incentive. It is worth noting, ali consecutive quarters are huge equity incentive for employees. The fiscal year 2015 (March 2014 – March 2015), alibaba give employee equity incentive spending up to 13.028 billion yuan.