Ali cloud to promote cloud services, began to joint venture to build “a guest +”

although cloud services market in China is still in the early, but the trend of change is unstoppable, as a domestic leader, ali cloud early intensive fighting start-ups. If before creating the developer of the contest, and scattered the project investment and financing of docking or try, so ali cloud is actually pushing again.

ali cloud yesterday officially released “a guest +”, will jointly domestic well-known venture capital, provided from the development of components, distribution promotion, office space, the late former investment to cloud services resources series business support, helping millions of gen guest chasing dreams.

“a guest +” platform alliance members include: very funds, IDG, the sea, ginkgo valley, innovation works, such as more than 30 vc institutions; Hangzhou turn pond, wuhan optical valley, the hang seng science park, tsinghua science park and so on more than 20 incubators and science and technology park; Many au, Testin, Mob, encryption, cloud love wisdom more than 20 developer tools such as promotion and distribution services. Which includes both venture capital, sites, office equipment and hardware resources, also includes the venture capital docking, entrepreneurship, tax breaks and development components, distribution of promotion soft services such as . ali cloud will also name for each guest to provide 3 to 400000 yuan of cloud computing resources and free training.

according to introducing, “a guest +” first in Beijing, Shanghai, wuhan, shenzhen, hangzhou five cities as geeks to provide free office space. In the whole process, ali cloud point is responsible for the operation and guest + platform, and organize the related resources. Ali cloud operations center general manager Yang said, ali cloud is planning to attract more members to join “the guest +”, covering all of the country’s Internet startup core cities, cultivating millions of a guest.

“A guest +”

at present, the platform of high quality project is numerous, only during the trial operation, there are 141 a successful project financing 270 million yuan. At yesterday’s vc summit, ali cloud joint more than 50 vc and incubators, on the same day, a total of 25 and the guest team to attend the roadshow, total interest investment amount more than $1.034 billion.

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