Alcatel comparison the call phone, wall crack requirements with a hammer

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smart phone development up to now, the hardware homogeneity phenomenon is very serious, the enterprise can only parameter, bigger and more clear screen, faster processor, camera pixels is higher. On MWC 2015 world conference on communication if surprise, hunting cloud network released notice alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, it conducted a micro innovation: can call backwards.

alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 on the fuselage of lower part is equipped with a microphone and receiver, which means you can need not scruple in direction of the mobile phone. Alcatel global design director, said: this design can let users automatically picks up the phone call.

so, cloud network hunting came up with a hammer, Smartisan T1 using the left and right sides is symmetrical side button design, the left and the right to the same location each have the same key, in the hammer mobile phone switched on for the first time, will ask the user both operating habits, after the user to make a choice, two side button will become entities have different function keys, respectively used to adjust the volume and brightness. Around the bottom of the screen at the same time physical keys two buttons can also exchange.

then a net friend ask: “the hammer in this abnormal way to solve the problems of the left and right handed. Is this a chicken ribs?” The way to improve the experience from the tiny aspects and may attract the attention of some users, but the author thinks that was not enough to make consumers pay. To look at alcatel for detailed information on the phone, see you.

OneTouch Idol 3 has two versions 4.7 and 5.5 inches, on both sides of the fuselage USES the radian design, three colors: black, white, gold metal wire drawing back cover also has a special coating. Both run Android 5.0.2 system, provide Eye – D unlock function (use Eye recognition to unlock). The two phones will move to Europe in April and may log in Latin America, land of North America market in June, time temporarily unknown in domestic market.

among them, the 5.5 inch version of carrying 64 qualcomm Xiao dragon 615 processor, 1080 p resolution IPS screen, 8 million + 13000000 megapixel camera, the battery capacity is 2910 mah. 4.7 inch version, use the qualcomm Xiao dragon 410 processor, 720 p resolution screens, front-facing camera shrink to 5 million pixels, battery capacity is 2000 mah.

OneTouch Idol 3 in the inversion, the interface will be corresponding switching, but because of the side keys can’t change, still need some time to adapt. So, cloud network hunting advice alcatel and hammer fit evolution. Now that imagination has open it, let it open more thoroughly. Is on the screen smartphone can eclecticism, positive LG surface flexible screens, adopts the hyperboloid samsung panel at the top and bottom, plus e-ink screen on the back.

in the end, you can’t resist poking fun at the samsung, unilateral surface screen, last time the hyperboloid screen, it really good? Please don’t tell me in the future are likely to three curved screen, and even the whole surface screen.

attach domestic TV series called shot two, after mommy don’t have to worry about this trough point is present. Directors, writers, you can be long snacks, procurement alcatel mobile phone, reduce the shot.

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