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cloud network hunting note: who said amateur photographers can only take the scenery around? Parrot’s new uav Bebop let you “like on the forest birds, according to the bustling crowds”. The affordable unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is given priority to with smooth high-definition cameras and cameras, and with a variety of humanized design. Let users in the entertainment, easy production.

Figure 1

Parrot new unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), not only can shoot 1080 p hd video at a speed of 30 FPS, more 14 million pixels. Its advanced shock stability technology effectively reduces the shock of affecting the quality of filming, users don’t have to worry about video images make people dizzy. In addition, Skycontroller wi-fi device inside the handle to the area of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight 1.2 miles. And has the “back” function of built-in GPS from the user’s worries, the plane can soar freely. Amateur filmmakers can use it to complete their own creation.

Basic configuration

based on the Linux operating system;

the Arm architecture A9 and quad-core CPU GPU;

8 gb built-in flash memory;

three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, magnetometer, ultrasound and pressure sensor, vertical stabilizer camera;

GPS have its function;

connect computer micro USB;

double-frequency 802.11 AC MIMO wireless network;

the camera has a quiet clap 14 million pixels, and can be taken at a speed of 30 FPS 1080 p hd video.

axis stabilization can be 180 degrees;

1200 ma battery for Skycontroller handle with use of Bebop fuselage, flight time can be up to 12 minutes;

suggested retail price: $899.

product window

Skycontroller rocker lever is operation technology is a breakthrough;

the current shooting video can be displayed on the controller.

Deficiency in

manual control shooting is difficult;

Skycontroller handle is expensive.

innovation design

Parrot Bebop appearance is very concise, all equipment for service function, including a video camera, four propellers, a battery and related circuit. Airframe material color is very striking, this design ensures even unexpected situation, user (mostly poor operation) can also be found that the distance of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), thus to retrieve.

in a dense crowd in the environment, the design can effectively avoid people with drones accidental collision. In addition, important structures such as the camera body or protective box at the use of ABS plastic and rigid impact resistant foam composite materials, can effectively protect the camera or reduce indoor operation with wall collision damage. If you need to pack will be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a complimentary wrench can remove the screw; The fuselage with buffer material can be landed the plane in indoor smooth.

on the design of the power supply, according to previous Parrot AR Drone 2.0 improves the battery installation and stripping way. Power interface attached to a thin line, the user remove it from the fuselage; The chassis battery easy sliding structure, increase the stability. Velcro straps to further consolidate the battery, even if the plane crashed into the tree, wall or on the kitchen cupboards, the battery will not out of (according to my personal experience).

as for the design flaws, fisheye lens too conspicuous cause is only a scratch. In fact, the lens will not easily leave scratches; Slight damage will not affect the light of the camera, but probably were photographed in 180 degrees, affect the function of the camera to the outer shield.

product features

Bebop in photography can choose picture frame. Fuselage built-in fisheye camera have digital stabilization, the plane during the photo can be far more automatic full frame camera or stable tracking, without any outside interference. Parrot developed seismic technology effectively avoids the propeller vibration disturbance to the camera.

the photography of the product function is its biggest selling point, after pruning video can not only meet the needs of amateur producers, even is a professional network producer. Bebop than Parrot after a series of product development, despite its camera function than average Inspire 1 or 3 d Robotics is slightly pales by 8 + and other high-end professional camera, but it has obvious price advantage (even Skycontroller and the combination of Bebop still cheaper than high-end camera). To sum up, the product of high definition camera and static cameras (180 degrees shooting remained steady) completely enough spare or primary users’ needs.

Bebop other highlights include the user can through the video synchronization technology to directly upload video to YouTube, Facebook or sets, greatly increase the fun of the amateur photographers. Built-in GPS with the “back” function can make the aircraft above the ground under the condition of 10 meters (return can adjust the flying height) straight back, hovering around the starting point of the 2 m range until you put it down.

in addition, the new Flight Plan combined with GPS function, the user can directly planning route on the map, although the function is not open, but later in the payment can be done after the update.

in terms of operation, Skycontroller Parrot is a breakthrough of Bebop, but its a cost of $400 is a penny a points goods. Skycontroller bring super wi-fi network engine, greatly extend the Bebop flight range, from the simple to use the device or the iPhone’s 650 feet to over 1.2 miles. Handle hardware including multidirectional rocker and all kinds of function buttons – takeoff and landing, stationary, camera, and even its function.

I personally to Skycontroller handle fondle admiringly. May be related to the operation AR Drone 2.0 my battered experiences, it can only be operated by the Nvidia shields flat, really let me egg pain, especially in some small environment. Skycontroller besides handle it also and tablet and smartphone (can be used as an independent external devices), cooperate to use.


Parrot Bebop unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other products, I used to need warm-up before use. Its first test flight, found Skycontroller sensitivity than the touch screen operation is strong too much, this is my dream. It can be keenly capture subtle change, this ability is a great challenge to the operation of the user, but once to adapt to the more subtle operation will be finished.

“back” function in the test performance is also very good, it to me this kind of “can’t fly too far back home” is a big news. I don’t have the limit of test aircraft flight range and height, in part because of the test environment is not ideal.

flight power consumption is not very optimistic, 11 minutes of the flight time is not comfortable. Bebop bring two pieces of battery, but that doesn’t mean you have 22 minutes of flight time, planing to Skycontroller and other functions of consumption, the actual flight time in about ten minutes. This really needs to be improved, but considering the aircraft within the Linux system and high-definition cameras combination functions such as the demand for electricity, part of shortening the time of flight is understandable.

the essence of Bebop function – camera and take pictures is very good very strong. It means that the user just $500 or $900 (including Skycontroller handle) and bought a smooth flight, around free film camera. Much more than the installation drive taken to save money, which is the core value of the Parrot to attract users.

Overall review

in general, the Parrot is Bebop market outlook or a trouble-free, but deficiency is that it is the original version of the optimization. So AR Drone 2.0 compared to the practical application of various functions, including aerial photography, property measurement, amateur production potential, even professional photography it slightly. , in other words, even if Skycontroller broke through the limitation of touch screen operation, but many of the powerful and unconstrained style originality is still Bebop can’t reach. And if you have the pictures of the camera and the demand is higher, so the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) are likely to become laborious.

unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market in the short term may be improved, but out of curiosity and buy people will eventually abandoned it because of the limited use. Whether Bebop really jump out of the market trend, stand out, we also don’t know. But there is no doubt that it is a Parrot at present the most excellent products, function also is very attractive, if you have strong interest in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), it is absolutely not second choice.

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