Adblock Plus is coming, it help us to eradicate network “psoriasis”

according to the report of PageFair 144 million web browser installed some advertisement interception software (plug-in), which accounts for almost a third of installing Adblock Plus. Around the world has 60 million users often use Adblock Plus a month, but the ABP only about 6.5 million users in Asia. Only in its home market in Germany, its users for 8 million.

but Eyeo team behind (ABP) took a fancy to the whole world and present great opportunities in Asia. Especially interested in Chinese special, and not just because it is the most populous country, it is the company’s regional manager Vicky Yu’s hometown.

“for advertisement of tolerance, China and Europe is, in fact, different attitude,” Yu explained that China’s Internet users to display advertising on the Internet “is far from easy to annoy”.

this makes Chinese Internet users demand for advertising intercept the plugin is not high. Yu through Chinese BBS research found that many users don’t ignore advertising, also won’t take additional measures to stop them, even if it is free of charge. Advertising, promotion and content on the border of the three in China can be said to be quite a mess.

but has 600 million Internet users in a market, there are a few people don’t like advertisements. In ABP China local competitors have sprung up, growing popularity is rising as the number of users.

“as an advertising interceptors, we really can’t use the traditional way to promote the sale of our products.” ABP pr manager Ben Williams said. In contrast to be successful, the key is active in social media and BBS, quick answer user questions here and pay attention to the usage of the user. Williams think this is what she says grassroots strategy and the combination of high-grade products will eventually win the user’s favorite. But ABP it may encounter the same problem all over the world.

he said: “the average user doesn’t think the difference between the different AD blocker.” For ABP its brand and emerge from numerous AD blocker is a challenge. The biggest challenge is and other brand share a similar name: advertising interception; Not only that, they use on the icon red star a stop sign, and make them the same and do not pay attention to the demand of the users (when I started before the interview, I think Adblock Plus is an advanced version of Adblock).

in fact, they are two completely different companies. Most experts found ABP is more outstanding product, because of its open source characteristics, and more transparent privacy policy. ABP is like AdBlock AD blocker before them, but because of advertising to intercept this name descriptive is too strong, so the ABP cannot submit an application for trademark rights.

but the problem is less in China. Yu choose substitute “ABP” this brand product’s full name, different, both for non-native English speakers are more likely to remember.

although need facing local rivals, but Yu said they are “unfinished” products. This means that their filter list may not be the latest, function is not entirely. For example, to prevent social media and privacy protection is not included. The effect of last year, in order to improve the user experience, and select more advertising, ABP switch from a voluntary plan of the filter to the maintenance of a professional plug-in. This plugin believes at the discretion of the user to make a choice is better.

ABP is completely free, and will be always free. Money is not to develop the interceptor’s main goal, but it is not completely without source of income.

users can accept some be added to the whitelist AdBlock “acceptable” ads. These ads through strict selection, meet certain standards, including no pop-up window, can accept the position, and is clearly marked for the AD. Many blogs and small business web site, can apply for their own free advertising on the white list. For some large advertising companies, ABP is to charge a fee.

of course, the user can also choose to block these ads, but ABP according to the survey, only 25% of users against any type of advertising. In China should be as long as those most troubling out and intrusive ads, including floating on the screen, the noise constantly and flashing round.

if ABP can try to completely based in China, then the advertisers will face more severe situation. They can design more “acceptable” ads, for white list, so that users benefit from ABP, and make China’s Internet to create a clean, free access to the Internet environment.

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