Activity: tick carpooling how to obtain IDG tens of millions of dollars A round

New Year holiday is over, friends to hope that you are well! Years hunting cloud network share continue to start undertaking public class dry, 18 hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, we invited to tick carpooling, co-founder of Mr Zhu to share how tick carpool for IDG tens of millions of dollars A round !

clicks, carpooling a carpool applications, focused on for commuting and drop within the city travel personage carpool services.

tick carpooling divided into car and carpooling editions of the APP. Carpooling version launched in April 2014, the main services of long-term, stable, high frequency carpooling users, belong to many spelling patterns. In September 2014 clicks, carpooling launched car version of the application for the temporary initiate carpooling demand of customers, to one-on-one carpooling mode. And in November 2014 for IDG tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding.

tick carpooling is affiliated with Beijing both information technology co., LTD., tick team (the original tick group members) was founded in 2010, the core of the founding team members from Google, P& G, baidu, Nokia, companies such as yahoo.

the current tick carpooling carpooling has covered first-tier cities, in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou has more than 700000 users, founder also announced on January 18, 25, 15 years in shenzhen and tianjin, and in the local have a ground operations team.

zhu, tick carpooling co-founder, graduated from nanjing university, in the Hong Kong university of science and technology, the United States at the university of rochester study, holds a bachelor’s degree in nanjing university and the Hong Kong university of science and technology MBA degree. Any cleaning market strategy manager, Google China operations director. Have 7 years experience in fast retailing brands and channels management, work and entrepreneurial experience of seven years in the Internet, in enterprise management, Internet good experience in product development, etc.

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this guests: tick carpooling, co-founder of zhu

this topic: tick carpooling how to obtain IDG tens of millions of dollars A round

time: March 7th (Saturday)

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