Activity: dudu nail CEO Wang Biao chat O2O trillions of market

“doodle nail”, based on the mobile APP, WeChat public, to provide customers with nail design selection, appointment manicurist, online order, door-to-door manicure services. Doodle nail main nail art as the core, the future will expand the LIDS, nursing, and more service project.

“doodle nail”, belonging to the Shanghai dwarfs information technology co., LTD. launched in June 2014, in June 2014 for the plum blossom, Wu Shichun millions RMB angel angel vc investment; 31 October 14 years, and obtained by sequoia capital and thousands of millions of dollars in A round of funding source capital investment . Doodle nail market started from Shanghai, has covered Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, chongqing, wuhan and other cities. Wang Biao recently revealed that day single quantity has been broken.

24 period hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses , we invite to the founder and CEO of nail Wang Biao, share free artisans can hold up trillions of O2O market .

doodle manicures, founder and CEO Wang Biao :

was born in shandong province, is an entrepreneur in 87, graduated from Harbin institute of technology, computer science, 2010, 2012 in millet company working in millet company two years later, choose to give up the well-paid business, 2014 founded doodle nail, nail electric business platform.

host: hunting cloud network

this guests: doodle manicures, founder and CEO Wang Biao

this topic: free artisans can hold up trillions of O2O market


on May 24 (Sunday)

location: haidian district of Beijing tsinghua science park of science and technology innovation center building block B 1 layer

limit number: 200 (completely free)

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