About you: social new play, no net + O2O closed-loop scenarios

(text/Wang Saiying)

social field has become a piece of the red sea, and the differentiation is winning the battle of a weapon. And the main social and acquaintances or strangers who may be in a different way, about your launch based on the “two connections”, online dating, offline consumption O2O dating scene type, focus on solving female users in social products are faced with the embarrassment, harassment, dangerous, experience and so on.

according to hunt cloud network interview understands, founder of the “about you” has founded a bulk navigation website consular corps and social platform fuzzy network across languages, hot WeChat public last year, about your sister is around your predecessor. In addition, have you finished about angel rounds and Pre – A round of funding, now is preparing for A round of funding.

about your Wang Qiheng chairman, said in an interview about your main field is neither based on the strong relationship between acquaintances social, nor is given priority to with strangers or emerging social anonymous, but the social location between based on these two relations, has six degrees of segmentation theory derived “second contacts” social, allows the user to know friends of friends, not only solved the problem of trust, at the same time to expand your circle of friends.

no net of social new play social

is referred to as the “Internet of Kevin kelly at 14 years in Beijing” China’s first community leaders summit has said that mobile phones to P2P directly connected network will be a disruptive technology of mobile Internet. Due to the presence of simultaneous interpretation to understand the Internet professional term of pale, and the scene of the attendees to the level of English is limited, lead to a prediction vanished in the voices in the media after the meeting. About your chairman Wang Qiheng also attended this meeting, though most participants didn’t understand KK P2P directly connected network exactly what meaning, but it excites Wang Qiheng anomalies.

Wang Qiheng said, KK mentioned phone directly connected network technology, is actually “about you” roll out “no social network” function. Although wifi, 3 g and even 4 g has been very popular, but in the subway, plane, etc under the network environment, the waiting time still let a person crazy, based on the user requirements, no social network can be realized in the case of no network within 80 meters of the dialogue. And the repeater can be used to increase the range, the future mobile phone manufacturer also will attach importance to this pattern.

“about you” when no network can also and neighbouring about your user message chat, share photos, achieve entire network social syndrome, but also friends, some records in the network can continue to communicate. But now the technology is still only in between the iPhone or android phone about your application, has not been able to get through the dialogue between iPhone and android.

dating scene create around you O2O social closed-loop

if the social APP didn’t join the O2O elements, then there is no way to form a complete closed loop. About your dating appropriate type of this kind of scenario and fill in the social field of the void, firmly seize the social essence, the life and the integration of mobile terminal. Consumption of online dating and off-line scenario social O2O mode is an innovation for the current social fields. And the innovation about your business model for the future also provides a comparatively clear train of thought.

according to Wang Qiheng said, the future about you will get more fit for dating sites, provide some such as online order and choose a series of functions such as the cinema. It is understood that at present some businesses online payment link has been completed. In many cities of Rio you O2O closed loop adopt light discount model, the main flow for merchants, and severe discount group can form effective complementary.

clearly, before the Wang Qiheng corps before about you dating scene, experience and resources to become one of the advantages of implementing social closed-loop.

combined with scenario is a trend of the social, about you will date into “eat, drink, play, music,” the four modules, in the form of “invitation” to date, and will also enjoy some bulk discount, about you will travel on the dating scene appearing after the evaluation of comprehensive processing platform, let the user’s choice of businesses with guidance. This date is not confined to the two men, of course, also suitable for people of party, from the social development.

about you in addition to today’s mainstream social APP such as dynamic, thumb up, near the people, and other functions, in the appointment of the scene in “help” about this, “help about” is about your team depth digging out of the Chinese people’s social psychology, launched a function, let the user turns into a matchmaker, effective utilization of resources around, exchanged, help a stranger (that is, the friend of a friend) users to date.

according to some social APP trigger malignant incidents across the country, “about you” set the scene in person many, familiar, safe place. And, “about you” make use of technical means for wine, food processing, such as fraud to ensure good user experience of dating.

according to Wang Qiheng introduction, now about your user level of more than millions, tens of thousands of active users, the offline merchants have already behind the basic layout is complete. Now about you already covered more than 700 cities in China, there are more than 300 cities support mobile online payment system. “About you” instant messaging system based on high concurrency Erlang language development, highest can carry hundreds of millions of users online at the same time, “about you” firmly hold a online and high concurrent access to hundreds of thousands of users.