A week of southern California startup information [03.09 03.13]

hunting cloud network (note: this site and southern California venture capital services organization Hanhai Studio reached cooperation, will be released periodically in hunting cloud network entrepreneurial dynamic of southern California, including investment and financing trends, show the latest project, cutting-edge technology, etc. Hanhai Studio (public number: HanhaiLA) is the first Chinese to Los Angeles investment home buyers to establish venture investment services platform, to help more cross-border growth of small and medium-sized enterprises of China and the United States. Cross-border investment startups, provide small and medium enterprises development services.

1. Navitas Capital is a venture Capital investment company set up five years in Los Angeles. The company is mainly used in intelligent building energy and technology investment. According to the securities and exchange commission, according to a document, it is the second phase of the $4 million in cash. The company before the round raised $1.5 million. Building Robotics and Gridium is its first stage investment is two companies: Building provide software service Robotics, allow workers to control the temperature of the working area; Gridium is an energy company in data analysis. (this amount, and kneeling)

2. Reliable runescape gossip, Saudi Arabia, said Waleed bin Talal’s investment company has and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on future possible business cooperation “meeting”. (even in the royal, Evan’s Diao fry day)

3. Snapchat alibaba group, has won a $200 million investment, Snapchat currently valued at 15 billion dollars. (when ali and tencent will always quarrel, I think they actually love in Snapchat)

4. Independa of San Diego is a company manufacturing within the embedded remote monitoring, the main service object is the elderly. The company was founded five years, recently completed a $6 million B round of funding. Its largest investment to party from Mesa Verde Venture Partners.

5. Prevoty is a security software company in Los Angeles, it helps the enterprises in the application embedded security module. The company has been set up for two years. This A round of the melt in the U.S. Venture Partners get for $8 million, so total funds reached $11.1 million.

6. Michael Carney PandoraDaily when journalists for three years, now join the Los Angeles Upfront investment Ventures. Carney was WorldVest (a small commercial Banks) early employees and managing director.

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7. Kura Oncology is a biological pharmaceutical company located in San Diego. It have the EcoR1Capital, Fidelity Management & amp; Research, the ARCH Venture Partners, BoxerCapital and Partner Fund Management after $60 million of investment institutions such as finance, are trying to backdoor listings.