A week of southern California business information

hunting cloud network (note: this site and southern California venture capital services organization Hanhai Studio reached cooperation, will be released periodically in hunting cloud network entrepreneurial dynamic of southern California, including investment and financing trends, show the latest project, cutting-edge technology, etc. Hanhai Studio (public number: HanhaiLA) is the first Chinese to Los Angeles investment home buyers to establish venture investment services platform, to help more cross-border growth of small and medium-sized enterprises of China and the United States. Cross-border investment startups, provide small and medium enterprises development services.

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1. MiTu Latin has been focused on the do content of media companies in the last week to complete B round, reached us $sixteen million. The media company was founded three years ago in the Cul ver City, it is the hottest silicon beach MCN. Multi-channel broadcast Network (Multi – Channel Network, MCN) is the entity alliance with multiple online media platform, the main purpose for content producers in all fields (such as products, program planning, financing, cross promotion, partner management, digital rights management, profit/sales/audience culture) to provide assistance. Is now a big popular entertainment financing mergers and acquisitions. This is Upfron t Ventures led, AMC Networks, Daher Capital, Northgate Ventures and other investment institutions/people involved. Currently MiTu has thawed twenty-three million capital.

2. San Diego energy company Siva Power last week completed $ten million D round of funding. The company has set up eight and a half years. main for thin-film solar research and development, improve the efficiency of solar cells. before participating in this round of financing institutions have Trident Capital, DBL Investors, Medley Partners and Acero Capital. It is worth mentioning that China’s wuxi also participate in the investment of the company. in the financing of $ten million in May last year were included in the $three million of debt financing. all the globe to the financing of the company now has one hundred and fifteen million of the money.