: A week financing remit 】 【 APUS Group financing of $100 million and complete the Pre – A LIVEhouse

over the weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1. APUS Group announced a $100 million, into capital, SIG investment such as

APUS Group (http://www.apuslauncher.com) is a mobile Internet development company, the APUS Launcher is owned by an Android mobile phone desktop software, adopts the minimalist interface design, installation package only 1 MB, can be based on the cloud data analysis, intelligent recommend suitable app for the user. At present, the APUS won more than $100 million B round of investment. By become, SIG of venture capital fund and qiming, A round of aurora borealis venture investors and red dot investment continue to follow up.

2. Fast taxi formal indeed received $600 million D round

fast taxi (http://www.kuaidadi.com/) is a taxi a smartphone applications, software to facilitate the taxi passenger and taxi drivers, passengers can easily releases, a taxi anytime and anywhere; Drivers can decrease the rate of empty. At present, quick take a taxi to get $600 million D round of investment, investors for alibaba, tiger funds and softbank.

3, cloud bird distribution received A $10 million round of investment

cloud bird distribution (http://yunniao.me/about) is a start-up company main city fast delivery service, mainly through the way of bidding, the enterprise users and truck idle resources for effective configuration, the platform has integrated more than 3000 spare delivery vehicles. The company has received A $10 million round of investment, by the joint venture partners China, jinsha river and the grand capital.

4, Taiwan LIVEhouse live online platform to complete the Pre – A round

LIVEhouse. Live in (https://livehouse.in/) is an online platform, allows users to start their own program, and the way and the audience through online chat instant interaction. The company has completed A t $40 million Pre – A round of investment, by the game orange and yuan capital investment.

5, lala park xue barbarian millions Pre – A round of investment from the

LesPark/lesbian park (http://www.lespark.us/) is a new online lesbian mobile social network, you can make friends, chat and dating. Through LesPark you can easily find nearby members, can also link lesbian friends around the world. At present, the company has obtained xue barbarian millions Pre – A round of investment.

the foreign company

1, Singapore payment platform MatchMove Pay $30 million series A investment

MatchMove Pay (http://mmvpay.com/) is a Singapore mobile payment platform, mainly to provide service for users not to open an account in the bank. The company has received A $30 million round of investment, by GMO Venture investment Partners.

2, Indian restaurant search services Zomato $50 million buying American peers Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon (http://www.urbanspoon.com/c/20/Orange-County-restaurants.html) was established in October 2006, is one of America’s offer for restaurants and other businesses to search, evaluation of science and technology service company. Recently, India’s largest search engine service restaurant Zomato spent $50 million on Urbanspoon.

3, cross-border currency exchange and won $22 million payment services peerTransfer D round

peerTransfer (https://www.peertransfer.com/) was established in July 2009, is one of America’s offer of cross-border currency conversion and payment services for students of science and technology company, aiming to reduce students in currency exchange, the cost of tuition fee payment, etc. Round of investment, the company has received $22 million D by Bain Capital investment Ventures.

4, intelligent toy producer Teddy The Guardian to get $400000 seed round

Teddy The Guardian (http://teddytheguardian.com/) was founded in 2013, is a smart children toy manufacturers, their production of Teddy toy built-in wireless sensor, will monitor to children in all kinds of physiological indexes, such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, body temperature, real-time transmission to The parents’ mobile APP. The company has received $400000 seed round of investment, but the investment agency information is unknown.

5. Satellite Internet companies OneWeb get virgin group and qualcomm strategic investment

OneWeb formerly known as WorldVu Satellites, is a satellite Internet company, the company is mainly in the rural, emerging markets, and provides a quick Internet service on the plane. At present, OneWeb get virgin group and qualcomm strategic investment.

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