A key to the amazon “orders” into physical keys to your home

(/horse relief yi wen)

amazon bezos rule, seems to be a kid always abrupt fantasy. From the world’s first 3 d smartphone Amazon FirePhone to talking Amazon voice assistant Amazon Echo, these lovely and bold ideas, can always to surprise the industry and users. Surprise, of course, the premise is that you like bezos, don’t care about those products sold the “how”.

a few days ago, officially launched the Amazon physical keys version of “a key order” – Amazon Dash Button.

the Dash Button can according to different category, brand is mounted to the corresponding everyday items. Such as pictured above on the Dash Button is to buy Tide laundry detergent. When the user see Tide laundry detergent is running out, so she just need to press the Dash Button, can automatically complete the purchase.

the good news is that the device is free, of course, if you member of the amazon. In addition, the Dash Button has limited consumer brands and cooperation, the user automatically purchase price of the product may have a little change. However, this product is a mobile application, the user can in the mobile terminal to manually modify purchases.

the Dash Button is amazon purpose an initial attempt. Bezos eventually is a dream, and suppliers, and combines the amazon services directly to hardware products, automatic perception in the use of daily necessities, to provide users with intelligent shopping experience.

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