A dream when to take? No surprise what HTC self-reliance!

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as early as January, HTC has been that of the theme of “utopia in progress – JION US TO SEE WHAT ‘S NEXT” conference invitation letter. Last night, as expected, HTC has published its annual flagship 2015 – HTC ONE M9. Due to “no windtight wall”, HTC ONE M9 in fact as early as in before they are posted online of grilled broke off. ‘s fantasy, but I still to hope that I see those so-called fact are not true, but in the HTC release rhythm of app, the emergence of scenes make me understand what is counterproductive. Let’s look at the HTC bring us this HTC2015 annual flagship product.

first of all, let’s take a look at the HTC ONE M9 basic situation: the machine with grey, silver, gold, 4 kinds of color, industrial design with M7, M8 the style of the product of the two generations, with all metal body; And on its configuration, the machine USES the five inches 1080 p SLCD screen, 3 gb of RAM memory, 32 gb storage, the 20 nm qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 eight 64 – bit processors, equipped with 2840 mah battery, while in the aspect of camera is to use pre – 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera and the combination of 20 million pixels rear camera, is still double BoomSound speakers, support Dolby * Audio sound, still support characteristic Dot View protection shell, run on Android 5.0 and the development of HTC Sense7 operating system. Meet with the consumer time shift in this month, and was reportedly sold for $649.99.

HTC will M9 as its “the most beautiful in the M8 this kind of smart phone for the challenges of self”. This product, but also shoulder the HTC live in 2015, for HTC desire for the future. So they challenge the success? M9 HTC can become the most dazzling star? In my opinion, the challenge is not successful, become the most dazzling star also exists only in utopia. Why? We have to find out from his gain and loss.

a, the progress of the tiny

have to say that HTC on M9 is a kung fu, in the course of a year, to do a lot of improvement, HTC adjust power button on the right, for the first time will be double color technology integration to the unibody construction, and HTC for M9 have more color, let the consumer’s choice of color had a bigger space, this will no doubt help HTC catch more metal color control. And remove the progress of the tiny, HTC M9 biggest progress lies in mobile phone cameras. HTC to a paranoid feelings finally, lower the head to the reality and market, will continue for two years UltraPixel main camera downgraded to a front-facing camera, and in the main camera 20 million pixel level using the SONY camera. This is almost certainly such rear camera will change HTC in M7 and M8 is criticized by the main camera resolution of predicament. And on the inner motive power of the fuselage configuration, HTC not falling behind, qualcomm is currently the most advanced 810 processor used, with 3 g memory, its fluency should be completely is not a problem. And based on the Android 5.0 and the development of HTC Sense7 operating system has a better function.

we finished the above progress, do not know you to whether you and I have the same feeling, such progress seems to bring a little excited, really can not give a person the progress always gave me a feeling of small, compared to the progress of the above, HTC M9 brought me more is regret.

2, sorry

1. Industrial design – behind unforgettable ugly

HTC M7 brought about by the industrial design impressive; All metal fuselage and curved back combination design, on the perception of high-end grade atmosphere at the same time brought good feel. HTC M8 perfect inherited the HTC ONE outstanding industrial design. Its on all metal design, further more the pursuit of perfection. Of course both products have the front panel of the notorious four jaw problems. If I had to use a word to describe HTCM7 and M8, that is: “Lin on the back, front luo yufeng”. So I’m looking forward to more HTC can make both before and after the M9 come Lin, but unfortunately the HTC let M9 into both before and after the luo yufeng. Not only four in front of the notorious chin problem not solved, will also be HTC originally on the back of ecstasy also ruined, using a square projection camera design, it seems to come to HTC ugly this name really unforgettable. I really want to know the designer of these vendors this year is to make mobile phone camera projection to show myself also can “bump”? HTC since M7 since its launch, I then affection for the industrial design is, its also change the title in the years behind the “ugly”, referred to as “HTC” seriously. But see the M9, I had to call the ugly back again.

2. Camera

I was in the context of the “camera for HTC said:” it has been two years to HTC wants to develop “enhance the unit pixel photosensitive area, so as to enhance the capacity of mobile phone under low light imaging, change the existing rules of spelling a pixel UltraPixel technology. But limited under the super pixel to pixel to do high, can only limit cameras to 4 million pixels on the technical bottleneck, reverse the trend towards 4 million pixels, a serious shortage of its resolving power, the actual experience poor; Its emphasis is suitable for low light shooting, in real imaging quality and far lags behind that of nokia, SONY and other rivals. The competition under the impetus of the SONY is the great leap forward, in succession to seconds SLR filming the Milky Way, only enough should not be a flagship machine quality. As a major selling point of the photograph, photo became the HTC M8 serious short board.”

this time HTC on M9 finally to the reality and the market is low head, also lacking to this serious short board, HTC M9 in the main camera using the SONY 20 million pixel level camera, USES the F/2.2 large aperture, sapphire glass lens, but 4 k video recording, and in 4 million pixels UltraPixels front-facing camera camera technology, USES the F/2.0 aperture greatly improved under low light shooting effect (up to 300%). From the market, it is a good thing, consumers will like it. So in this case, I why he will become one of the regret I think?

because HTC is equivalent to give up on M9 UltraPixels technology, and I don’t know inheritance on M8 using double lens technology. This is a since HTC face behavior, this is a denial of HTC. Maybe a lot of friend remember when announcing the UltraPixels HTC was technology, referred to as disruptive innovation, is to punch nokia PureView technology, stamped on the SONY samsung’s apple. When multiple agencies also have high technology to give evaluation, because UltraPixels theory view, he is very promising. HTC buried, whether it is the right thing to do? Use this discarded behavior to an end, and whether too irresponsible for their hard?

at the above both regret, don’t know your friend is think HTC is greater than the loss or lose more than gain. And remove the HTC problem of gain and loss on the phone, HTC also faces two much more serious problem; One is the smartphone market competition environment more bad, the second is HTC seems to have also aware.

in 2014, the changes of the smartphone market, nokia, samsung, under pressure, flange, lenovo, huawei’s high-end links, the domestic friend the fight, all want to in 2015, 2015 of the smartphone market, predictably competition will be fiercer than in 2014, the group of rising domestic friend also have started after 2014 in power, the high-end machine market 3000 yuan of above. Huawei Mate7, one machine is hard to find, have a foothold; Although millet Note is still find DuoJianZhe less, but will come after all. HTC in 2015 of HTC M9 but did not have showed how much can be praised for innovation. Not many innovative HTC M9 compared to the competitors and how many advantage? How do you in these competition fight our way out?

in the fierce competition, more terrible is HTC to own too overestimate, living in the dream of scenery. Thought is a heavyweight rivals with apple, samsung, dreams of punch apple, stamped on the samsung. For its products boast high, but the reality is HTC has long been forgotten in the corner, attention shallow less than domestic millet meizu, etc. Conference in the games with ms wang explain why M9 disruptive innovations have been made to, the answer is “because M8 is already very good”. Ask: M8 now that is so good, why HTC in 2014 still continue?


HTC M9 from speculation into the reality, but I’d like it in rumors, because he has a space I can imagine, but the reality is always cruel, not only for me, but to HTC. Perhaps HTC conference invitation letter good explains the present situation of the HTC, they are marching to the utopia, but it is just a dream, after all what should the HTC when will wake up?

to return to the product itself, the truth HTC M9 gives me no surprise, perhaps is now broke too much, so much so that dilute the joy of the moment we saw it. In HTC, so we can see the efforts of the HTC M9, they made many for M9 improvement, some need to cater to the market, but look carefully, will find their efforts and improvement are subtle, and in part on the back. HTC M9 can stay down in the 2015 the wind waves, it’s hard to say, the market will be tested their best standards.

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