A board: from developers, let face brush instead login password +

(text/Wang Saiying)

in recent years, mobile Internet business trend has created huge App on the market, users often need to enter a long account and password to log in, and this kind of identity authentication is easy to appear lost or stolen. With the improving of the mobile phone hardware performance, as well as the continuous improvement of the biological recognition technology, similar to apple’s Touch ID, meizu’s combination of biometric applications such as M Touch also have sprung up, the idea is based on the biological recognition technology to simplify the user authentication process. Recently, the cloud network focus on hunting a model designed for developers to design products one.

Touch ID or M Touch all need the phone itself has the function of fingerprint identification, and a hope that through camera for users face information, based on face recognition technology to solve this problem, and let more developers by means of open SDK embedded in the application of brush face login function.

team tell hunting cloud network, a formal version hasn’t released, a SDK started in December 2014, closed, there are dozens of products applied for closed beta. Scheduled to be available in late February 2015, officially released in the middle of march.

at present according to one’s face to log in the Demo, you can see that the “mobile number + face” instead of “account + password” way of registered user login. When human faces after scanning, users will follow some basic information, including gender, age, level of appearance, mood, whether I wear glasses and sunglasses, smiles, beard density, etc. Developers can use the above information, such as dating kind of APP, can let users more convenient access to each other’s appearance, improve the matching probability.

one’s founder and CEO Shen Qia Kim said in an interview with hunting cloud network, its founding team is trying to start a business in the university, the team members with an average age of 23 years old, has completed hundreds of millions of yuan in the angel round. One’s hopes of many applications for iOS, Android SDK “face login”, to simplify the application of the registration and login process, when it comes to its core business model, Shen Qia Kim think that one was through face login user quickly, the next board want to build a complete system of open account.

on information security, Shen Qia gold, said the board will only when the user login to biometrics, will not get the user’s photos and for other purposes. In the future, one in terms of data may be exploration, based on biometrics for more user information (gender, age, level of appearance, etc.), to provide users with more accurate recommendations. It is understood that the insert is working with a certain type of music App.

although the simplified App landing registered biological recognition developed recently, one of this kind of model the author are appreciated, but still need to high-value on accuracy of recognition algorithm, after all, high precision accuracy of true demand of users. Not only that, but many App through micro letter, QQ and weibo this common account, a key login has become a concise way of login, how to discover the first batch of users and to maintain the use of the viscosity is also a problem that need to think about.