99 staging for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, from second – and third-tier cities with dark horse

everyone is the same, everyone is different in the future.

today, 99 staging team tell hunting cloud network exclusive, 99 staging was completed before the Spring Festival for A round of tens of millions of dollars of financing, the financing risk from domestic famous investment institutions and a-share listed company’s investment company, financing 99 staging after the big push into cities.

99 staging is campus hire market, rising in recent years, college students’ spending power, on the one hand, college students have strong shopping demand, especially in computers, cell phones and other electronic products; College students, on the other hand, money is limited, economic income comes mainly from their parents to live on, little balance. 99 staging let college students do not pay in advance to enjoy the goods and services, and then in the next 3 to 24 months in installment reimbursement service won the market recognition in the past year, the year successively completed angel round and A round of funding.

99 installment on the business model, in the upstream docking will be some other commodity sourcing platform and P2P financing platform, the downstream has rolled out a wide range of ground team to implement landing operation, risk control and recovery work, let the student become more “ground” by installments. Stage 99 staging also some university students to provide internships and part-time employment opportunities to alleviate the burden of students.

in the past year 99 stage mainly in lower-tier cities, through the offline to push people to the school. 99 staging Yang Yuzhi founder said “from three to 15 people in a city five cities we spent six months time, 300 people from five cities to 30 cities we spent six months time, again this year, we decided to spend six months time do 100 cities, while speed up the pace of expansion of the city, we will also expand in view of the college students can hire product category, from the original digital 3 c products gradually extended to the driving school, education, tourism and other business training, in order to better serve users, college students complete a student should have a dream. Next we will full speed, compared with the counterparts in the past we have relatively slow pace, in the face of stage, boring staging of malignant competition we had no fear, though they raised only ten to a few minutes, one of only two or three times, but the performance gap we pay more attention to risk control, hope that through more instances test our risk control system, a lower cost to expand, now we are ready “.

99 staging was established in March 2014, based in Beijing, the founding team members mainly after 90. Before the 99 staging Yang Yuzhi founder in the shake handshandle nets market operation and promotion of the business, in charge of the whole campus for the campus marketing there is a wealth of experience. From their own perspective can catch more students in installment demand to product user experience perfectly. At present 99 staging has been more than 30 cities across the country more than 300 colleges and universities to carry out the business. Tell hunting cloud network team, 99 staging after this round of financing will be on a large scale expansion, hiring across the country, including technical customer service operations team will continue to expand, also practice partners to recruit thousands of campus, a talent war began.

at present, the market in stages, into an Internet financial bank, at the same time, into the $one hundred million financing interest in installment and installment of have to expand into white-collar class, boring stage more even launched children staging business expand user base. So, everyone is the same, this market is different in the future.