58 city announced a $34 million stake in domestic outfit O2O enterprise soil rabbit

on March 9, hunting cloud network news

Issued a report

58 city today for $34 million in cash to buy into domestic outfit O2O company soil and rabbit, to obtain a minority stake, however, 58 city did not disclose the specific proportion of shares.

the data shows, mediating rabbit decorate online line in June 2009, in 2011 attains the matrix partners millions of dollars in A round of funding, warp/weft in June 2013 and additional investment. Mediating rabbit announced in February 2014, completed hundreds of millions of yuan B round of funding.

58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said: interior design has a broad market in China, and the rapid growth; Mediating rabbit have rich experience in interior design, 58 city in this area can help to deepen the O2O layout.

Yao Jinbo pointed out, and through the similar soil and rabbit and e generation driving such complementary investment platform, 58 city hopes to build local ecosystem service life.

according to understanding, 58 city announced today to related people in the company organization structure adjustment and change of promotion ZhuangJianDong, Zhang Chuan for two people, senior vice President; Song bo, Xu Guipeng, promotion Ye Bing of three senior vice President; Promotion eismowe, Dennis and Guo Yi, Huang Hui, wang yan cao five vice President.

58 city also announced the establishment of classification information group (LBG), has the yellow pages business, recruitment division, used group, a new group, and the classification of products, commercial products, strategic development, customer service center in tianjin, product data, such as department; By Zhang Chuan total.

58 city real estate enterprise group (HBG), with 58 city real estate and housing all business, has a new business, second-hand housing sales and second-hand housing products division, real estate department, market operations, and data operation (BI) department and other departments; By the senior vice President of ZhuangJianDong total responsibility.