4 k buying guide: now buy 4 k whether television or not?

“ladies! Gentlemen! Welcome to TV manufacturers executives secret meeting. As is known to all, the invention of high-definition television is the world’s best. In the United States, everyone will have to buy a new TV! But what is the matter now? The so-called upgrade cycle is outdated. What we need now is a can let everybody fresh reason to buy a new TV.”

“that… We tried 3 d TV “

“smedley, don’t empty boast. We need a new upgrade cycle, need them now. Jenkins, what is it?”

“well, last time we sold to customer is more clear picture, went well. Why do we not try again?”

well, perhaps this is not the real content of dialogue. Was lit the fire of 4 k reform is such, in the sake, the cynics can be forgiven.

what are the 4 k?

4 k TV, also called high-definition TV, small number of pixels with four times the high-definition TV, 4 times the hd resolution.

in the consumer electronics fair in a few weeks ago, 4 k become the focus of all people talk about. Public display of 4 k screen more than enough for a back and forth to the moon. There are 4 k camera, camera, computer monitors, and even mobile phones.

this is a good news, is also a bad news: 4 k TV wouldn’t like 3 d TV, there is a “will catch it?” The question. Whether you like it or not, the age of 4 k. Production companies are already using 4 k camera their movies and TV shows. Audio company (like Netflix, amazon, youtube, Dish, DirecTV, comcast, etc.) are the 4 k video into their squad. TV makers are to promote the development of the 4 k, at the same time reduce ordinary high-definition television work accordingly.

but I’m willing to bet that at least half of all americans have never heard of 4 k. Have 4 k TV, however don’t know how it works, what’s there to see, and in the world to the 4 k we are in the path of which position?

so I decided to spend a week’s time to deeply study the 4 k. I decided to collecting some different prices from different vendors 4 k of the TV. In the same room, at the same time, I gave them for the assessment of professional experience. You can also do this process, install a signal distributor, so they can play the same video at the same time.

I try to play every possible video resources, an a in comparison (I even put a popular 2014 high-definition television also pull in contrast ranks). I tried with different distance to watch TV, also invited a bunch of people as a staff officer.

until the experiment in the end, I finally understand, in the age of 4 k replacement, we are in what kind of position, and to buy 4 k TV is safe, wise this aspect, I can offer you own prejudices.

here’s what I learned.

experience equipment

I tested three different prices 55 inch 4 k high-definition TV (:

LG 55 ub8200 (price: us $1200)

SONY 55 x850b (price: us $1800)

samsung 55 hu9000 (price: us $3200)

Best Buy sent three technical personnel to install Geek Squad, calibrating the TV.

(as you may already be aware of, all display TV model store shelves, are in the greatest degree of the color saturation and brightness, but the fact that the picture is not as colorful as its present, it is used by businesses in order to attract shoppers. However, once you buy the TV back home, you will can’t help but want to hire a professional, corrected through a DVD to calibrate it, or even your own; Otherwise, you never reach the desired effect.

when calibration is completed, I shocked. The three TV picture looks brilliant, they are almost identical. If given the proper adjustment of the calibration, television images of $1200 to $3200 in the same.

all the three TV set above reached the latest 4 k TV technology standards. If you want to buy a TV at the mall, check the following three features is very necessary.

HDMI 2.0 is a kind of video resource interface model. This interface has improved the transmission of broadband, 4 k hd support 60 frames, the future will also be similar capacity expansion of the hobbit filming a way.

HDCP 2.2 is the latest 4 k video content protection technology high bandwidth. If you don’t have the protection, some of your video resources play out could be the black screen.

H. 265

is a Netflix to transfer its 4 k film video coding standard. If your TV is not h. 265, you will not be able to join the Netflix 4 k video streaming.

I took three TV experiment support WiFi connection, and be able to access to a wide variety of network video and audio services, like Netflix, youtube, amazon instant video, Hulu Plus, Pandora, services and so on.

so what’s the difference between this three experiment of TV? Here are some records:

samsung 55 hu9000: this expensive TV is qu bing, the screen is curved. I often get a concept confusion, we in order to achieve the goal of TV hang on the wall, it took almost ten years to do the screen smooth enough; Bent who require them? (and, they do not provide people with more than a flat screen immersive feeling, unless you sit 18 feet away from the TV, enjoy alone.)

this is samsung’s best 4 k 55 inch TV. (samsung and many other grades 4 k TV.) It is the biggest bright spot: 6 its processor and connector in a separate metal junction box, with the advance of science and technology, in the next few years you can replace the box. (this design makes only a single cable to the TV from the box.) This should make your display will never be out of date.

on the top of the TV and a pop-up webcam, designed for network video chat.

SONY 55 x850b: SONY is a lot of investment for 4 k. It will soon be introduced, for example, a $1000 worth of 4 k portable video cameras, and a 4 k Action of Cam motion video cameras, in addition, SONY also sells a 4 k film search library software, this will be described in detail in the next articles.

this belongs to the lower part of the 4 k TV, but it really is very beautiful. Is higher than it is worth of “compatriots” with the speaker on its sides, although this is not a big loss for most couch potato, for them, anyway, TV has a sound system is enough.

with the other two model, compared to the TV hd TV now, not particularly thin.

LG 55 ub8200 : this cheap TV screen is great, it has an almost invisible thin mask, will not affect you watch TV at all. It does not support 3 d function (higher-end LG TV support), of course, this also is not a big loss.

however, I have two points in this kind of TV is still not satisfied with the place. First, it is the base of two stents are far too, TV is almost the most wide from top to bottom, if you don’t have a big enough furniture to be able to put it, will be very trouble.