3 d virtual fitting system exclusive 】 【 quantity body the fitting for financing

quantity body the fitting co-founder it to hunt cloud network headquarters editorial exclusively revealed that the company has obtained from the angel zheshang venture investment, investment were not disclosed. The fitting quantity body is also in hunting cloud late last year one of investment and financing docking platform for start-ups.

the fitting quantity body is developed by chengdu count as science and technology co., LTD., a 3 d virtual fitting system. This system USES the advanced computational mechanics technology, precise calculation of clothing on the body deformation, real reduction dress upper body effect, consumers use their body to try on different number, different styles of clothes, to help consumers online virtual fitting system.

said it is undertaking to do this project, because found there is a market gap and user experience pain points. “Since the clothing can be purchased online, online can’t try on the problem has been plagued by consumers and clothing businesses. For consumers, easy to choose the wrong number and design; For the clothing business, return rate high for consumers to buy is not accurate. In order to solve this problem, has appeared the recommended size, 2 d SMD technology, 3 d modeling, mirror etc. Including 3 d modeling scheme with its flexibility and technology many possible and is regarded as the fitting online direction.”

“but the 3 d modeling is one of the biggest package of technical difficulties, its visual rendering effects and technical possibilities depends on the theoretical breakthrough and innovation. Computational mechanics theory breakthrough, bring a revolution to online for a fitting. And the fitting quantity body is adopted the computational mechanics and finite element theory, break through the difficulties of 3 d modeling, meets the requirements of the fitting of the two core online: (1) to establish and consumers figure is consistent with the human body; (2) accurate and intuitive reflect consumer wear upper body effect of different number, different style clothes. To help consumers to choose suitable clothes.”

quantity body the fitting is a young returnees team. Creative staff in the past few years has been to the U.S. military development soldiers soft body armour simulation, to master the most advanced computational mechanics field technology. Back home in view of the special difficulties in the field of clothing, the development of the “quantity the fitting”, to solve the fitting for the first time, to speed and accuracy in the process of this contradiction in guaranteeing the reality at the same time, 3 seconds to try on.

founder and CEO Zheng Chao received a doctor’s degree in the university of Iowa, entrepreneurship in the United States before VSR laboratory research and development of the world’s first soft WeiJia virtual fitting system. Co-founder, COO, it is a master’s degree, sichuan university business before in the simulation product market development. Technical talent Cao Bo as CTO, bachelor’s degree in university of Windsor in Canada, to join the team before have been engaged in Internet related jobs in the United States for eight years.