3-6 children how to teach? Interaction into the sugar pot from home, creating specialized pre-school education service platform

Wen/Yang Sihui

cloud network hunting note: “candy jar” is a home to interactive (family and the kindergarten interaction) as the foundation, share, exchange as the core of preschool education in the Internet community. Sugar pot target population is 3-6 years old children’s parents and kindergarten education workers, both sides can communicate through online and offline activities, sharing parenting experience, record the child life state. At present has launched A round of funding plan.

“really do preschool education as the core, education service platform is almost no, we just want to do such a thing. 3-6 years old children of parents pay more attention to exchange the child education, habits, intelligence development related issues, our purpose is to let each user must understand the child more training methods.” Founder of the sugar pot peng NieYuan told hunting cloud network.

sugar pot for parents, education workers both provided the platform of the communication, and create a “class”, “topic” two open degree of different circles. Class ring in the class as the unit circle (30 people or so) to build. Teacher can notify in circles state of release, photo sharing, sharing, told parents children in school, parents can also share in the circle of everyday life.

in the class, can parents and teachers can perform a good interaction, communication barriers. The smaller circle and are independent of each other, both to protect the child’s privacy, also convenient for the kindergarten.

in addition, part of the “subject” by the parent form to subscribe to the topic of interest to participate in the discussion, is relatively broad circles.

competing goods, peng NieYuan tell cloud network, hunting at the communication level, qq, WeChat group of competitors are sugar pot. Although the communication convenient, but there is chatting sharing information inconvenience in the process of collection. Moreover, the role of teachers in the private social transformation, venting, easy to let parents misunderstanding, this also must trust risk to the garden. Through the sugar pot, the teacher can separate life and work; Classroom information, activities, notification record images, child’s records retained and more convenient.

the same products, baby interaction is one of the more powerful competitors. However, interactive baby to take the way of cooperation with China unicom, with the hardware into the kindergarten, rely mainly on the parents open card profit, the pursuit of open card rates. This with the essence of sugar can free service for garden is different. Sugar pot dominated education services, is committed to helping the kindergarten home women problems, main offline farm training and pta, allows users to better resolve the present problems of communication and produced by family and garden. The process, is more willing to take the initiative to participate in the park.

on business model, “said peng NieYuan domestic communique last year only 197000 kindergarten, but is actually millions, the quantity is quite large. Can cooperate with 1 m kindergarten, diet, bags, school uniform supplier for the child is very profitable.” Sugar pot’s goal is to make the professional education content to form its core competence, covering electric business, online advertising, online education, community in the field of O2O platform, then the user drainage to offline, formed to “digital” kindergarten education brand as the core concept.

since sugar pot project started in September of 2014, with more than 200 kindergarten, in sichuan, shandong and other places accumulated more than 30000 registered users. In addition, the sugar bowl this year plan will business scope to expand to the whole country, is expected to cover at least 1200 kindergartens.

the CEO peng NieYuan graduated from the university of Sydney, work, returning to China in 2011, since its establishment in 2012 launched in March 2014 sugar pot project. At present, the team has more than 10 years experience in preschool education of members and more than offline sales personnel, total 22 people.

hunting cloud network learns from peng NieYuan, sugar pot team has officially launched an angel round financing plan.