3 · 15 anti-counterfeiting: inventory chanting “listed” Internet companies

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in the March 15 anti-counterfeiting party this year will be announced, hunting cloud also summarizes some false publicity events in the Internet industry, the current focus on once chanting “listed” slogan, but after a period of time even a few years no progress of the company.

it is true that the company’s listing plans in the comprehensive influence by many factors, such as capital market good or bad, the company’s performance, team stability and new business strategy, etc. But what is undeniable is that some companies too front, the ideal type of listed “dream”, the excessive consumption of media and industry attention at the same time, also in overdraw the outsiders, internal employee expectations on the future of the company. In the hunting cloud also called for the Internet company truthfully disclose company matters.

the following list for the current inventory related enterprise, in no particular order sequence:

‘s group

the company in the industry known as the “high, alternative”. Data show that the company was founded in 2010 on March 15, is with 3 · 15 decree by destiny, so to speak. One year after the company was founded in 2011 on May 25,’s regiment on the press conference of “IPO’s regiment start” high-profile announced the launch to IPO application, the practice of such a high-profile moments that make the industry by surprise. If pure high-profile can also understand, this is also the Internet circle the majority of companies, but its behavior seems is beyond the scope of too many people suffer, also known as the “farce”. Not only that, conference announced the first round of financing is expected to more than $200 million in tone is far away from the final amount and the actual.

although’s regiment was in early 2015 to apply for the listing plan, but now have been away from strident slogan time apart for 4 years, that is to say, “preparation” for nearly four years. More importantly, the company’s IPO this seems rather difficult road. According to iposcoop website’s mass of the original should be listed on February 25, but did not attend. On March 3, in addition, the expected later on again, it also increased’s group listed the shadow. ‘s regiment has, so far still did not give the final time to market,’s group and to care about friends played a joke on it.


filed PPS, the personage inside course of study not have too much regret, had earlier and has technical advantages of domestic video sites were eventually love in the acquired.

the company was founded in January 2006, the early performance and market share is good. On September 14, 2010, PPS, President Vincent xue, according to an interview with tencent technology company prepares for the public, but is not necessarily the gem listed sites.

netease science and technology in 2012 interview, Vincent xue said, according to the original plan should be listed in the U.S. in 2011, after the cancelled due to poor capital market. But in the subsequent years, on-line video competition, coupled with PPS limited funds, market position gradually decline, she finally announced in May 2013 iQIYI, this also means that independent public dream broken.


PPTV with PPS has a similar fate, so to speak, with the technology of online video sites, and PPS share at an early stage.

in January 2012, the company CEO TaoChuang had an interview with the first financial daily, according to the company has according to the rules of operation of listed companies, financial sector has expanded last year, is expected to the profitable. Then in early 2013, he publicly, don’t rule out the possibility that listed in the second half of the year. Then in October of that year, su ning announced the acquisition of a majority stake PPTV.

su ning took over after dispatching management in succession, took over the management. In 2014, TaoChuang eventually leaving PPTV, this means that the independent public dream fell through.

easy media

easy media was in February 2012 with the securities and exchange commission the IPO application documents, plans to raise up to $100 million, but because of poor capital market environment, the company has withdrawn his application for a nasdaq listed in the end. Since then, the listed media did not give up easily, CEO 闫方军 considered listed in Hong Kong.

now three years have passed, the public seems to have no progress of easy media, missed the best period listed clearly. On the contrary, the company chose “sex” ali at the beginning of this year. Although 闫方军 revealed that will pursue independent public, but this seems to have further.

with cheng network

on May 15, 2012, online travel agency web site with network CEO tiger wu cheng foreign confirmed that website has won tencent ten million yuan of investment, and ready to start domestic gem listing plan, but then the impact failure. For market failure, CEO tiger wu media interview is this statement: “listed is our top priority at that time.”

at the beginning of 2014, the company was awarded a tencent 500 million yuan investment, tiger wu, CEO of disclosing the company’s listing plan in the internal mail may be delayed again. In an interview with the media revealed in April, independent public plan the next two years. Now a year time, I hope the new plan don’t wrong again.

liu once words: jingdong not listed 2015 years ago

jingdong has formally on May 22, 2014 listed on the nasdaq, however, around the listing time point after there are a lot of version, among them, the liu’s position is also very confused you.

about “not listed”, liu had given too much of a point in time, such as over 2013 years ago is not listed, then said with investors guarantee is not consider listed 2015 years ago.

what’s interesting is, on the eve of the spring of 2014 years suddenly a few days ago for IPO application, liu also made it clear on CCTV financial BBS, jingdong temporarily don’t consider listing. Just four months after May 22, jingdong listed on the nasdaq.

who’s next? market network

in 58 cross-town rivals after successful listing and bid for tencent, another player market network classification information market seems to be some “alone”, and gradually on the part of results to be cast aside. In the current circumstances, how to capture and boost capital market confidence as soon as possible and became CEO Yang Haochong a large task.

in August 2014, which is listed on the nyse in 58 city after six months, the market network CEO Yang Haochong proudly announced, will begin in June 2015, and has carried on the preliminary communication with international well-known investment Banks. Reference for most companies strictly confidential capital movement, the market network of more “naked” at present, more like to capital market and competitors propaganda.