2026 Internet thermostat: first make a thermostat, and then want to something else


the thermostat is also called the temperature control switch, temperature controller, temperature protection, hereinafter referred to as the thermostat. Principle is through the temperature protector to temperature to the temperature controller, temperature controller switch command, to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the ideal temperature and energy saving effect, its application range is very wide, can according to different types of thermostat used in home appliances, motor, cooling or heating, and many other products.

since 2000, temperature control market has long been honeywell, Siemens, Johnson controls and other international brand, and product innovation ability is insufficient, has for years been stranded in appearance, simple product features perfect state. Homebred brand 2026 Internet thermostat thermostat positioning is the smartphone era, it is mainly used for the end of the hvac control. (20 ℃ and 26 ℃, respectively is human body feel comfortable in winter and summer and the temperature of the energy saving, so named 2026)

2026 thermostat linked to WiFi, download, a temperature control APP users to access the thermostat, smartphone or tablet to connect to adjust temperature, change mode, check the energy consumption. Mobile phone APP on the heating, cooling, the temperature of the two modes schedule, the user can choose to want to directly work mode, can the temperature schedule of mobile phones on the client side program Settings, in guarantee family is comfortable at the same time, try to be energy efficient, can also according to own actual situation to make the temperature of the new schedule.

tell hunting cloud network team, 2026 Internet thermostat strong compatibility, can be matched with a variety of hvac system at the end, such as: warm, floor heating, central air-conditioning, carbon crystal wall hanging furnace, heat sinks, such as system, are unlimited real-time systems. Users can through the mobile phone in home temperature, the temperature control treasure anywhere at any time on the checking their energy consumption at home the day before, and through the temperature control of the remote control of home treasure the central air conditioning, heating equipment, etc. This avoids the travel because of work, forget to turn off in a hurry equipment caused by the waste phenomenon and safe hidden trouble.

after “2026” Internet thermostat Liao Jiong founder of 80 entrepreneurs. In thermostat industry has 15 years experience, good at using the Internet to do the thermostat. According to Liao Jiong observation, began to appear on market at present a lot of products similar to 2026 thermostat follower. But the advantage of leading competitors about 2026 a year or so. In addition, their advantage lies in the original channel resources, we will first do a thermostat, and then want to something else.

smart products exquisite design feeling, sense of the future. Little thermostat is also have a large market. The father of such as: the iPod design of 2013 to 2013 financing, valuation over $800 million. At the same time, the Nest last year bought the household energy data monitoring service MyEnergy, plans from the thermostat development for household energy efficiency of a complete set of solutions.