2014 video all night, no matter what form, important or content

on Jan. 16, video site youku held “- 2014 video all night” awards, the winners include logic thinking, large outbreak events, such as flying saucer said famous PGC content brand. The content of the inventory is not limited to youku platform play, video inventory is covering the whole industry.

youku in UGC and PGC deep for many years, every day, tens of thousands of article 10 video posted on youtube; PGC ecological 500 content partners, 1000 projects, 20000 sets. Youku is now a UGC, PGC, outsourcing, network copyright self-control, and the content of the production of 5 kinds of content ecosystem.

on the other hand, whether UGC, PGC, or network video self-control, outside the traditional film and television content, the content of the Internet platform for more really emerging provides a platform of growth and development of the space.

this “the night of the video made by free studio on the road” the tip of the tongue in the dorm, instant noodles also harvest awards, the video copy “on the tip of the tongue of China 2” playscript with stage directions and music, touches the campus memories in joy. In addition, such as “big outbreak events”, “love gossip growth association”, “flying saucer said” wait for accurate positioning the Internet audience, maintain long-term hot classic brand, completely become a measure of PGC.

in 2014, various video websites are offering a homemade banner, but did not reduce the UGC/PGC. With the loss of the threshold of video production, as well as the young people the new understanding of video entertainment. Call beast Yi Xiaoxing “never expected” fame network; The small apples sung from across the country and even become a “nuisance” divine comedy; Since the media Luo Zhenyu with the logic thinking model has become all the fans in the heart. These programs enriched the image world of the Internet, and attract more and more people in video production.

in the last years of dispute, after several rounds of shuffle video industry, with youku potatoes, love art, music, as a representative of several has divided China network video entertainment. Each power is in addition to have self-control, copyright battle, each have their own power. Future deeply involved in the content of the homemade or joint quality produced, has become a landmark industry cooperation way.

although each has a killer, but there is no doubt that the specific forms of cooperation can never be a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, the content of the quality of output is the top priority.