【 sole 】 we donate patterns of financing small donation platform, a passer-by

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small public donation platform stranger a founder Han Jing told hunting cloud network editor exclusive to Beijing railway station, the company has completed 2 million angel financing. Stranger a is also in the cloud and financing docking platform for start-ups.

traditional public platform project packing affliction as propaganda theme, moved donors appear more sympathy and insufficient, hindered the sustainability of project. Public platform at the same time, the donor’s project feedback frequency is low, less content, lack of project execution associated with the behavior of donors, seriously affected the donor’s donation experience. Stranger a founder Han Jing believes that this way is a savage overdraft donors compassion, once appear, a public relations crisis, then there will be a lot of problems.

as a result, the “man” will position itself as the most concerned about donors feel fundraising platform, using the RMB 10 quota donations of model conforms to the Chinese habit, shorten the user’s path to the operation and reduce the decision-making costs. Through “toll-free”, “book”, the label “perceptual system” and so on a series of product design, create emotional warmth user donations experience.

in simple terms, “man”, is a small public donation platform with recognition mechanism. Platform gathered many excellent public welfare project, the user after the quota donated $10, can obtain the project progress feedback of warm, still can exchange cooperation merchants the value of coupons/online services, make public walking into the life of every one of us consumption.

a passer-by Han Jing founder, is a serial entrepreneur, who founded a guide social circle, and stars similar clothing “a flash of street”, has eight years of public experience, who won the marketing, more than two areas of the national charity award. Co-founder metcalf jv is also a senior Internet practitioners, in many famous Internet company executives and listed company.

in the way of contact with the public, Han Jing felt a very important economic principles, namely “the socialized sharing of public cost”, a lot of people are willing to bear part of the hidden costs when doing public welfare. In addition, in the wenchuan earthquake, Han Jing also found that the current contradiction between supply and demand in the field of public welfare, when all the people in the disaster area need mineral water is instant noodles, from how to carry out accurate information matching and predictable demand, Han Jing thought of the Internet set the cost is low, so we will have a public Internet.

of course, a passer-by began to want to buy donate patterns, is to try to do the trial and error “would donate model” could be found in the public Internet of the future. “Man” would donate mode, the user after giving 10 yuan, can change a payment vouchers, can enjoy many merchants are premium discount and online services. Donate patterns would donors, businesses and public welfare projects (or recipients) to form a closed loop very good value, they are no longer a line, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, between the three mining the high-quality contributions the huge value behind the user.

this mode in foreign countries also have validation, Han Jing tell hunting cloud network, there are data show that the average American to donate 7 times a year, the average amount in $700, the Chinese per capita is only one or a, amount of $2, a large part of the reason is that the foreign community will present its coupons to donors.

the public is not rigid demand, Han Jing thought must go through some path for public interest in a relationship and the daily life of people, and through you donate mode for public welfare and the daily life of each person, fun sex is one of the largest target man. Public welfare organization not only get the money, there is a good platform, also and the interaction of donations from donors to maintain a stable and controllable.

as for why choose 10 yuan quota contributions, Han Jing said the team looked at the nearly three years of contributions data found 10 yuan is the most personal willingness to donate. Donations used to conform to the user, the user’s thinking path.

a passer-by in product design is very sensitive, the purpose is to give donors to the feedback and feel warm. User can see when choosing donation project project introduction, actuators, donations to accept advice, blessing and historical review of the project, after the success of the donation users get electronic postcards, can share to friends, continue to pay attention to the progress of the project. Han Jing think user consumption frequency is much higher than the donation frequency, so continue to focus on more important.

at present, many stranger a platform of donation for public welfare foundation project, individual donation projects rarely. In terms of sifting mechanism safeguard, choose more stranger a existing mature commonweal project to ensure the integrity of the project. In addition, a passer-by only provides the information service, and not directly accept donations, donations collected directly to the foundation.

“man” and now the social assistance fund, China charity federation, the Chinese Red Cross foundation, China youth development foundation and other public welfare organizations signed strategic cooperation. And group network, huaxia fund, orange hotel, iQIYI and donglaishun enterprise confirm the cooperation relations, entertainment, food, shelter and transportation, and other areas of the consumer.

“man” bred by youcheng foundation, is Beijing hui trickling water era network technology co., LTD., its products, at present there are 16 teams, founder Han Jing told hunting cloud network editor exclusive to Beijing railway station, has completed 2 million angel financing. On February 14, 2015 began trial operation, more than 3000 installations, click on the donation of more than 1000 single, actual finish donated more than 600, nearly half of the user to receive the coupon.

when it comes to a passer-by’s business model, and the future development Han Jing, said the man has a dominant business model, but the team is in no hurry to explore. May precipitate after stranger a points system such as a new way, the recent joint all public welfare organization, combined with periodic hotspot, organize activities of various kinds of theme, the stock of a large number of scattered donors import “man”, form the core user groups.

but also have the user response in user experience need to download software is not much power.