【 sole 】 the thermal refining the city: RMB 99 ring fitness lower the difficulty of movement, malatang type selecting projects, has won millions of angel financing

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O2O aroused everyone’s big heat, entrepreneurial motivation when sports become a social fashion, fitness become social habits, sports market hotbed are mature enough. In the field of sports fitness, sports, sports social community, booking venues, sports teaching coaches as well as the hardware and software combination play emerge in endlessly, but there is no the dominance, so the era of mass movement, what is the play can lower the difficulty of movement, Fried hot sports market O2O?

the thermal refining the city in 99 yuan monthly, independent choice of sports fitness sports App, team currently has about 20 people, the core team has five people. In September and October 2014 for the two months later, in 2015 formally launched after the Spring Festival.

the thermal refining the city covers the yoga, apparatus and instruments, ball games, dancing, swimming and so on traditional mass project, also contains a lot of boxing martial arts such as fencing, archery, and other new type of small projects, has just launched soon, already and the movement of the 100 or so courses conducted cooperation; In terms of area, the thermal refining the city currently only in Beijing, Shanghai, two cities expand operations, each district now has 5-10 merchants, after will continuously grope for product development path in the error correction, wait until the model after the mature expand to other cities.

in the choice of partners, co-founder and chief executive officer SiWei tell hunting cloud network, at present does not consider cooperation with large chain exercise institutions, mainly for small and medium-sized institutions for fitness, talk to help the small and medium-sized institutions, additional flow, in continuous medium and long term cooperation, they are very willing to. After the user to store, the businessman will not mandatory to handle card user consumption.

why do you want to create this new game, SiWei tell hunting cloud network, such as the gym now handle card motion mechanism is expensive, usually around 1000-2000. But for a lot of people who need a fitness, one-time pay so much money, or the high barriers to entry. And relatively, fitness cost 99 yuan per month, category of the selection, can stimulate some sports have will not achieve the crowd, $99 is a most people are acceptable prices.

product introduction to the target population is the basis of the mass fitness crowd, including small white-collar workers, students, etc., rather than face the advanced professional sports people. for generally don’t like single repeat things after the 80, 90 people, meet the demand of their chasing novelty group; For white-collar crowd to different cities on a business trip for a long time, do a card cost is too high, they are more willing to accept the 99 yuan monthly fitness of the whole city.

at present the city level of cooking has won millions of personal angel financing, while the initial state is still in the groping, but also continuously improve and adjustment. Now the function of the thermal refining the city or in the minimalist lightest state, also hope to use reduce the resistance and the user can easily accessible experience products. After developing, the thermal refining the city will also gradually in the category, quantity, and expand the geographical position, etc. That will also add such as late comments on mechanism, enhance the user experience.

SiWei tell hunting cloud network, there are all kinds of different O2O sports health, but people with people is not the same, and preference of demand are also different, for all kinds of sports health category of entrepreneurship attempt SiWei said that is optimistic and willing to accept, I hope more people to do related products, fire fire, the concept of sports fitness, education to do big market, with an open mind to face the traffic diversion, affect the way people live. “ we want to implement such a scenario, when it comes to entertainment, everyone will think of go sports, fitness, rather than the same go to KTV “, SiWei convective cloud network said.

team harmony degree determines the progress of the product, the thermal refining the city team everyone is doing the thing that oneself like, personality and professional skills are complementary and mutual promotion, SiWei chuckles, colleagues cell phone banking passwords and password her know, because of long time plunge in business, you really in to the point of a very rare. “Everyone’s average strength is very strong and like-minded, the strength of the whole team can achieve 1 + 1 & gt; 2.”

SiWei also stressed that the thermal refining the city with a bulk is different, the bank is doing experiential consumption, after the guest to the businessman according to experience satisfaction to choose business services, do you want to buy the final deal or in business side; And the thermal refining and the bank is different, the city building is a kind of habit of sustainable consumption, allows users to purchase motion recognition monthly package mode, thus stimulating the user in monthly for consumption within the platform . But cloud network think hunting, to ensure the viscosity of platform and repeat purchase rate, and can quickly gathered a user is key, in addition, in business cooperation and expand on the category, must continue to expand. Similar foreign products ClassPass originally is also connect different gym in New York, the user as long as pay $99 a month for membership fee can become members of ClassPass, go through all the gym in New York. Present ClassPass has expanded from New York to more than 30 cities in the United States, and last year completed a $40 million B round in December.