【 sole 】 the free home produced platform designed for kindergarten Mr Chat and get millions of dollars to A round of funding

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founder Mr Chat Peng Yi to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to “talk” at 14 early years completed hundreds of millions of yuan angel investment, 14 s month completed hundreds of $A round of funding.

focus on 0 to 6 years old of online education products presents a prosperous situation, more and more entrepreneurs will be focused on around young children’s related user groups, so there are many different types of products. Recently, such as hunting cloud network reported today in the “talk”, is a home produced platform designed for kindergarten. Similar products and baby love and wisdom tree, etc.

bei to chat online in August in 2013, has completed the second version, version 3.0 is about to launch, the new version App subdivided into side with teachers and parents. Founder Peng Yi served as senior product manager, netease, taobao wireless business products experts, the core team are from netease, sina, taobao, etc., has many years of working experience in the Internet.

before making a bei chat Peng Yi also in Beijing, hangzhou, guangzhou and other regions of the kindergarten in the investigation, found that teachers and parents in the QQ group or a circle of friends to interact, but in the group of information is too much too much, lead to brush screen frequently can’t see the arrangement homework and other important information, and can’t well meet the needs of teachers and parents.

Mr Chat is composed of mobile phone software and computer management system, can be free to send video, images (up to 50), and the information such as text, and provides for both single-player and multiplayer online chat. For parents and teachers set up an open platform for the free home produced, convenient communication between school, kindergarten teachers and parents, more able to communicate with the home to help kindergarten work, rapidly improve the kindergarten’s brand and reputation.

about using the method, the talk in order to ensure the child’s information security and the purity of kindergarten. Parents to join the class need through the invitation of the kindergarten, parents are added by the teacher in the classroom, to join the class directly, after registering successfully, if registration is not successful, parents can contact Mr About customer service, performed by the help of the service.

Mr Chat user positioning is parents and teachers. Mr Talk cooperation kindergartens throughout the country a total of more than 6000, now has more than 60 users. 47% of the users is spread by word of mouth. In the beginning, the chat to rural areas to encircle the cities strategy, start from the three or four line city, because of the high considering three or four line city kindergarten tolerance, trust, tested after nearly nine months to a second-tier cities.

the child’s safety into consideration, Mr Chat also is equipped with punch machine, three kindergartens in guangzhou now for testing.

bei at the beginning of the online chatting over 300 kindergartens were obtained through the exhibition mode of transmission of recognition, and successively with the red tassel preschool education group and golden wings education group reached a strategic cooperation agreement. In consideration of the exhibition mode is more dispersed, Mr Chat targeted advertising recruit agents across the country.

open and free mobile application, so Mr Chat through what way profits of running? Peng Yi tell hunting cloud network, benitez will be free to chat, temporarily won’t consider profit problem, now need to do is to accumulate more users. Put face about future business plans, will be by providing value-added services (training management, activity organization), but this kind of value-added service is based on a voluntary basis, also can bring value to parents to the teacher.

when it comes to future development plans, Peng Yi told hunting cloud network, “Mr Chat positioning is the way to communicate, the parents and the school focus on kindergarten education, and strive to do a deep, temporarily not to think about the other. Mr Chat in the later two or three years the kindergarten do 8 m, now the whole of China, a total of 28 m kindergarten to account for 25-30% of the market.”

Mr Chat in the beginning has had a difficult time, then through the spread of competing goods, make the parents and the teacher began to understand this kind of product. Although now have a certain customer base, but it is some far away from the goal of Peng Yi, Peng Yi to pure some hope that Mr Chat, something of value, in the future will be more prominent user value in the course of the development of this aspect. In terms of user habit still need to dig slowly.