【 sole 】 children intelligent hardware “interactive” by ten million

On March 24,


children intelligent hardware business startup founder “interactive science and technology” Song Ying source to hunt cloud network, the company has been being an angel round up investment, from anime culture industry giant the anime, well-known angel investors Free Wu Xiao light in investment.

headquarters is located in shenzhen science and technology park bei beautiful interactive senior team from tencent, and has invited many hardware and software industry experts to join in. Chief executive Song Ying source (Real) had Ren Wei hardware, tencent letter electrical business director, IBM GBS, a senior adviser. Chief operating officer Liu Liming (Douglas) in WeChat hardware, tencent computer butler, century company responsible for product planning and implementation of operation.


the focus on the interaction through intelligent hardware and Internet technology to solve user needs in the field of parenting. Has cooperation with famous cartoon image bacon bear agreement, will be lovely, lovely, happy bacon bear as the first product of IP. At the same time has signed many well-known image. Angel round of funding will be used for the first batch of product research and development and operation.

Song Ying source told hunting cloud network, the upcoming first parent-child interactive toys, intercom is a can at any time for baby voice communication’s exclusive toys: can the baby at home through the toys and the parents who work out voice dialogue; At the same time let parents can use voice of struggle in career companionship and love. In addition, the interactive toy APP also added growth plans, for different age, sex of the baby with customized education content, through stories, rhymes, interactive tasks, let parents through the way of science, “with the growth of the baby.”

Song Ying source but also to take a manuscript to the hunting cloud network, expounds their entrepreneurial journey, below is exclusive contribute Song Ying source, reproduced indicate the source of hunting cloud network:

“love, is the company”, the first Mr Beauty parent-child interactive toys were born

at the end of 2014, I quitted WeChat work, and tencent’s friends together on the path of entrepreneurship. Friends asked me “why entrepreneurs choose the direction of the hardware it is bitter and hard?” From my own personal feelings about the answer.

due to busy with work, since the wife pregnant, I have very little time at home. I like a lot of people who struggle career at that time to travel around, only a month less than a week at home, have to work overtime to very late every day.

daughter little sugar packets was born is the best moment of my life! See her lovely appearance, every time I picked her up, the whole body is full of happiness. Every time before returning home on a business trip, I will always give her back to a variety of gifts, every time I see her smile, is my most happy moment.

then I move to guangzhou work, family in Shanghai, can only go home once a month. Out I have a very strong obsession and guilt. One day, the wife told me that “sugar packets will call father, also recorded, do you want to listen to.” As a father’s guilt and happiness was coming, some moments in life, once missed, won’t come true.

the time at home, like let me hold little sugar packets, don’t want to come down; Cry when I’m ready to go out, is that she didn’t want me to go. I think “is it possible to design an I am on a business trip, and your baby to communicate more intimate products”, let the baby feel company, ease my thoughts.

with brother is daddy’s friends agree with this idea, he and my daughter at home, his work in the field. We decided to not busy working people to find a job and emotional balance. It was in May 2014, dads try to create a moment accompany her equipment.

I would like to:

when I go home, give the baby a cute teddy bear;
Tell the baby, when I am not at home, with teddy bear you can chat with dad talk back at any time;
I miss your baby, open the bei beautiful interactive app on the phone, “baby, dad take you go out to play, ok” home on the weekends
Each baby’s dialogue, will be for the user to save on the server, so I can at any time listening to your baby’s growth course, memories and convenient search and recall.

yes, we need to do a interactive devices, called her beauty interactive toys! Accompany the baby have a good and happy childhood.

in March 2015, the team with partners in the industry of professional support, the first Mr Beauty parent-child interactive toy finally completed the research and development and enter the quantity antenatal preparation stage. The baby can bei beautiful voice chat with dad mom; Mom and dad can soothe baby nursery rhyme story on demand careful operation; There are more family interactive games and tasks at the same time the parents copolymerization time is even more wonderful.

Chinese newborns 16 million every year, more than $1 babies grow in need intimacy with their parents. Wish our products can help to those same busy parents and baby, make love and accompany all the time!

love, is to accompany! Please cheer for Mr Beauty ~ 🙂