【 dry share 】 don’t spend money? Orange is how to use 7 days on the APP Store out of the list

cloud network hunting note: recently, the orange APP on the APP Store hot search list, for any entrepreneurial teams, this is exciting. Although not on behalf of the enterprise has achieved some success, but at least explain the operating level of the enterprise strategy and execution is quite in place. Excited, this is the orange team spirit of sharing the open Internet spirit behind the experience summary, worth reading.

from: love knife technology press author: quu, Wang Yanchen (hunting cloud network cut slightly)

quu: dry is always difficult, especially in heaven a carelessly given someone unexpected happiness, we know a lot of success in fact there is no way to replicate, because we firmly, success requires, geographical and human conditions at present, The Times are short of one cannot.

at the beginning of the article I sigh with emotion that is to say, I am not in writing with wild goose dust App Store on a full can hot search list method, we just put the “orange” in the App Store out the top, the efforts to summarize a week off, make more friends to discuss product operation of the process.

what is orange?

don’t need to take any hardware peripherals just pack in the phone App, sleep to get up points, also need not according to, as long as the cell phone in the room, she will be by your side, you from sleep to wake up the entire process, it is orange.

who am I?

Wang Yanchen (Orange) Orange Markting! No degree, no luxuriant experience, only a never give up, do every thing to the size of the attached lucky from frontline staff growth to entrepreneurs. 07 business done part-time college students your own website, 08 after graduated in the Internet industry; From the living to the guest, dolphin browser, and sina and orange now.

always do the partial operation of the work, also grateful to, from the perspective of the operation this post, because this nima helpless suffering from research to products, to the market, to sales, with nothing to do, nothing to worry about running! Ready to really understand, all things behind to do what is good transition.

how to go up?

the first know orange on the App Store hot search list did early exposure to an App Store told me, she very petulant asked me: “your house out, how to don’t look for me to do?”

open the picture all stunned, in the evening insomnia, sleep until morning 3:51, sums up the next day their Allies performance: the amount of data in the background of the Iphone activation

1, which on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday have to do the promotion, Thursday and Saturday is three times the amount of channels to promote on Tuesday.

2, so if you can remain stable over a period of time continue to download the activation volume (of course is the most intuitive to find our way through search) so lucky is not speculation we had out of the list.

3, said to the downstream of the industry can out on more than 5000 downloads, and a app for the first time will be more easily, and behind it is estimated that there are new algorithm.

4, if you want to help you find a channel industry rushed out, a list of industry is tens of thousands to tens of a price.

here I want to introduce my background, because I’m not professional, there are a lot of things to learn, here is just according to my figures for this App to do statistical analysis and summary, if have a wrong place and the need to optimize the welcome feel free to contact me and correct (micro letter: orangewang), actually the first App I do after the transformation of the market with the company of a product, the doctor called also done a lot of detours, such as the App activation how to do? Installed? Users to download the rebate? Stick a leaflet? The student party a give money? And so on, very lucky because of a lack of entrepreneurial teams had money so it’s always difficult to apply for budget so I can only thinking.

no money, how to promote?

I think this is the subject of the relationship, the Internet industry is always to say to want to “dry”, so I don’t come to virtual, tile directly says the process of 7 days straight, what other things.

1, first of all, of course I want to be the characteristics of the product should be known and user group:

what is the distinction of our product? I summed up the characteristics of the:

1) LOGO, an orange oranges, friendly and lovely, also easy to seize the eye (the importance of LOGO design: bold, or can let a person see at a glance what do you do)

2) name good to listen well remember, orange, or a populist lovely also slightly show MOE (advice about project name can’t see the “engagement” in describing Li Wanjiang at that time, the source of the millet name, here is not opened)

3) sleep is everyone’s just need to be right, but what kind of people will use us?

the first, of course, is to have a smart phone;

the second is a concern for sleep, what kind of people concerned about sleep? Of course is bad sleep and insomnia patients;

the third is curious about fresh things (partial geek);

that meets the requirements of a pile of people in where? My conclusion is:

weibo and WeChat is the place where I can find this group of people the most, followed by the application market list (including starting new application recommended), and the major sites like hunting cloud network of science and technology, 36 kr, bond and so on.

7 days so that the promotion of deployment on sina microblogging 70% and 70% each big application market starting (PS: because the budget is not much, so I’m sorry my head looking for the various resources for free) and 5% of my own circle to promote


hot search on orange APP list, after almost many marketers do partial APP to consulting is how much money do what channels, in fact, money is not much at that time is more than 4000, but I want to say is, market promotion, especially APP promotion, he is a comprehensive proposition, not for what channels will solve the problem, I do sleep APP channels, for example, you take it for auto industry APP that even if the cost of 10 times the price, the effect certainly also is very poor, APP promotion must be to build in you know yourself very well to push the product attributes and the user group and decide what kind of channels, high performance/price ratio, and compare what channels, what channels is worth to spend energy to spend money to shop.

2, introduce about APP promotion time points:

a few days before I make a phone call to ask a special marketing Montana friend, WeChat public issue of weekday and weekend in operating data difference, and the highest peak in this week is week a few.

APP promotion also is same, we sleep related APP, is certainly the best promotion time before you fall asleep at night. For instance you at 9 am, open in the morning to see somebody else users, mental derangement, Lao tze didn’t get up to me to see sleep APP, so we have to sleep in the evening before appeared in front of the user must be the best effect.

to several weeks appear again? According to my own habit, on Friday to Sunday, basic don’t see a mobile phone, because time is large for reading out to play, especially busy work on Monday and still have time to play mobile phone, on Tuesday to Thursday to see mobile phone more. Ask friends, under the rhythm is similar.

indeed as expected, according to results from dropping below:

on Tuesday and Thursday night will be easy to become a critical point.

3, ok, how to do?

here I will is recommended to do four things:

1) have a clear purpose of marketing

2) through strategic planning, reach the effect can be clearly measure

3) to find out their products can let a person (3 s) understand what it is doing (this sentence is critical, in the above the first point about all the things is to refine a word here, such as orange below this figure, for example) :

this sentence, of course, refining and according to the market situation for a while, point to optimize the user feedback.

4) for channel:

1, here recommend a channel, is the weibo, do weibo for the first time the effect I’m shocked, because I’m probably not tweeting, began in 2012 when not hair of reason and leave weibo also has is advertising according to fly, and WeChat friends experience is better. Now really otherwise, the effect of weibo now than it had been red when the effect is good, now still can stay in weibo users are actually true, to share a data again, retained users in weibo iphone users than android users. That is why I would recommend to weibo, one is that it does have a lot of the real user conversion, secondly, we prefer iphone users, because no matter from the next day, a week, 14 days left to see the iphone users are higher than that of android users, iphone users more likely to play the cause of the app.

2, recommended by the second channel is the major application market free resources, such as starting, cooperation (orange now on the application of the market to bring the amount recommended: pea pods, application treasure and lenovo music shop.)

3, and there’s a ASO, and website do IOS purpose as before, because the length is too long I wouldn’t have opened, in the industry have very much share do ASO method.

last word?

App marketing approach and the traditional industry, sites have very big different, orange is not doing enough, such as PR, marketing or content, etc., while learning to grow, in April we will do marketing, PR and content according to you need we will continue to share.

son dragon summary?

brush list is APP promotion in an informal means of promotion, of course, is also the most popular with domestic entrepreneurs a means, based on the seal of the apple, most of the users are in on the APP Store to download software updates, and can be a good ranking on the list, decided the user’s attention, and better downloads, and search the hot list, is this one of the best one of the key points, exposed search when you want to download an APP, here can directly display, brush list cost is very high, under the influence of apple rules the various risk is big, so I hope everyone cautious.

goose dust is introduced completely is “orange” in the process of operating experience and the experience, hoping to bring help, here give you added a new APP promotion strategy map, welcome to communicate.