Zun: spreading word of slow, “a glass door to door”, let the wine is a kind of social media

May 18 (word/Zhang Huiqian)

the legend of wine brewing originated in the ancient Persian empire, with the frequent war brewing methods and business activities all over the Arab countries, and then spread to Europe, as a Christian love of wine, it takes root, carry forward in Europe. By now, wine almost as westerners drink everyday life, but in China, it is still a rather unfamiliar territory. zun boss wants to do, is to make the wine into the life of the masses, become more day-to-day work.

bottles is an ancient wine vessel, the Chinese habit of drinking, I want to convey a slowly appreciate the taste of the attitude, with the cup of the quantifier so; Is the meaning of small shops, our desire is to be able to in the life of people become the existence of a common convenient to drink of the wine culture as the user of a habit at ordinary times. And this two word synthesis of a particular word, bottles, spreading is expressed the hope we can bring every time the customer innovation special drinking experience.

zun boss Jenny chin, founder of a girl in 91, seriously to hunt cloud network illustrate the idea of the product name as she admits, she is a very sensitive person, so whether the function of the product itself, or the product name, there are some small endowment emotional appeal to romanticize inside.

in 2010, Jenny chin alone went to Britain to study, learning management professional, arrived in the destination of three weeks later, she found a part-time job first, do wine service attendant in a five-star hotel. This had a great effect on her, she has a keen interest in on wine also went to take an examination of the IWG international sommelier certification, has formed the habit of often drink wine at ordinary times. Return home for a period of time she had done the work associated with professional, decided to return to hangzhou later she began to think and the related work of the wine industry she wants to let more people to come into contact with the wine culture, wine industry transition, rather than stick to the traditional sales model .

now is still at the initial, the reagent on the mobile end only WeChat public in operation, the end of may the app will be officially launched. Early in order to heighten the awareness, but also for users from offline to online drainage, zun strikes many crossover and different industry cooperation, such as, English corner, activities such as movie salon group cooperation, let the wine into the activities, the realization of the aim of “+” wine, participants have the experience of a suitable scenario to taste wine from the users themselves the same hobby, put them in contact with the wine, the effect would be better user experience . Different industry cooperation benefits can be Shared host user resources, drainage of the first seed users about this product, became a public platform micro letter fans. Currently bottles have held more than 30 events, from the beginning to own docking resources, it has been often have the organizers invited cooperation actively.

kind boss positioning of the target user groups is 20 to 35 years old of young groups, particularly women, their acceptance is higher, and the concept of a part in wine culture, can understand more products want to convey ideas. In the planning of Jenny chin, bottles will be a main O20 spreading wine platform. online app, users in the platform and a single purchase, for there will be a sommelier of the door and wine waiter service. And will be “a door to door” service for a long time, to minimize the cost of make the user experience. The high price of many feel good wine usually, Jenny chin said that was not the case, from dozens to hundreds of, the price of wine is very diverse, and for drinking, taste preference is one of the most important, is expensive or not is not the important measure of wine . And about the source of the wine, mainly foreign wine and domestic high-quality importers these two channels.

a lot of app on grape wine market, starting from the wine brewing Enolyse team, combined with the intelligent application of hardware and software, help family brewers collect fermentation information more easily, manage the brewing process; Wine and flagship wine, chat, Dr. About wine wine; At the same time, don’t forget the old wine wine welcome community network; In the field of wine and do the public comments on the wine, etc. The problem about competitiveness, Jenny chin is confident, bottles city has the advantage of direct delivery, and equipped with professional and high level of appearance sommelier door-to-door service, this will greatly increase the satisfaction of users psychological . Now zun team a total of 4 individuals, including the design, operation, taster and Jenny chin himself. Everything is just beginning, Jenny chin said, now the biggest task is to put the app optimizing on line, to do their products well, financing is another story.

note: bottles in 2015 China’s new media spreading entrepreneurship competition hangzhou division the roadshow