Zine: literature and art aron typesetting App will drop by to make beautiful story

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

Zine share App is a mobile Internet records. Product name is taken from the English word magzine, its founder, road Zine meaning want to help users on a mobile phone to realize as delicate as the magazine publishing, and through the Internet instant share record of life works.

products, founder of the road, worked in huawei for eight years, including 2 years of software development and six years of user experience design work; He had already done in June last year TEDxGDUF entrepreneurship theme speech. Another co-founder Wan Hui in zte worked for 10 years, in charge of zte certain wireless products in Western Europe big customers business solutions work, is a way of graduate students and good brothers. Zine team currently has a total of nine people, responsible for product design, interface design, the iOS development, etc.

compared to a lot of word class notes App, one of the advantages of Zine can be done on a mobile phone is a very rich forms of content creation, including long articles and graphic, mixed within the software font, paper and pictures are carefully screening, such as the font is to buy Zine founder character the original font. In addition, Zine team also cooperating with keda xunfei App with identification standard mandarin speech input function. Automatically saved and Zine support writing, the cloud synchronization.

Zine and other such as impression of notes, such as hammer notes App biggest difference is that the basic orientation is different – it records the rhythm is more “slow”, rather than transient instant for tools, users can in the above layout travel, cooking, and even write long poems and so on. Road meaning, founder of hunting cloud network said, “our positioning of Zine is a creative, bring to people’s lives better products. We hope everyone can tell their stories, create their own content, and can and others because of the interest or other chemical reaction story happened.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, Zine now has the iPhone and Android version, with 3000 m new subscribers a day or so, the IOS and Android version in November 2013 and launched in April this year, has accumulated almost 500000 downloads. Business model is very simple, Zine adopts a, paying members have more options on the font, paper. “Team will adhere to this pattern, make yourself constantly improving product experience, better services for users. Like What ‘s app, the real practice internal work, make the biggest market of users, by users pay to grow.” Zine team to hunt said cloud network.

it is worth noting that not only is Zine in mainland China, is now in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, have the user distribution, “there’s even a Australia users to help the team to correct some of the less authentic English words.” Said, “from the beginning, Zine is carried out in accordance with the international standard design, we hope to do a Chinese can affect the global product design and development.” At present, Zine team is looking for the Pre – A financing.