Zhongguancun online for 1.5 billion sale, buyers not jingdong, but automobil

after the domestic IT industry vertical portal zhongguancun online sale new advances were made, finally the acquirer is not widely jingdong, hc360 buildings instead.

hc360 in hkex last night, according to the announcement has struck a deal with the zhongguancun online controlling, will acquire the zhongguancun, zhongguancun online mall and d ten thousand grid, trading the overall price is RMB 1.5 billion. It should be pointed out that, the above three website business within the zhongguancun online system, has the same shareholders.

at the beginning of this year, the zhongguancun online from independent and replace the office CBSi group, then discuss the flange with media reports said more domestic companies, the object of gossip is jingdong, and product type is very close to the zhongguancun online; Another news that is then CBSi (China), senior vice President of Mr. Liu combination with several capital to complete the deal, equivalent to privatisation. Denied Mr. Liu jingdong involved. But the zhongguancun online has not suspended due to privatization, but continue to demand outside capital transactions.

hc360 announcement released by the zhongguancun online overall valuations in 1.5 billion yuan, will take cash + equity way; The 30% will be paid in cash (450 million RMB), and the remaining 70% will give the zhongguancun online by way of issuing new shares.

at the same time, the hc360 also signed the agreement, with the zhongguancun online management requires the zhongguancun online in three years after the acquisition, net income will reach 100 million, 100 million and 130 million yuan respectively.

the data shows, the zhongguancun online business entities are now a Beijing macmillan sharp view of science and technology co., LTD. Among them, Mr. Liu, Xie Xianju, what, ShiShiLin, Yang Ye hold 60%, 5%, 12.5% and 5%, respectively, 5% of the shares.