Zhejiang daily host “new media venture competition”, Beijing station

organized by zhejiang daily, media dreamworks is undertaking in 2015 (the fourth) “new media venture contest” in China, in April 2015 to November in hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, haier marina, qinghai, chengdu, nanning, suzhou, shenzhen and other continuous roadshow open competition, in addition also have special O2O and video.

this contest mentors are: CMC chairman li, alibaba chairman jack ma, the founder and executive partner of sequoia capital shen, IDG Asia President chief Hugo shong, challenging the angel investment fund founder xiao-ping xu.

the evaluation institutions are: the company capital, partners China, innovation works, huaxing capital, etc.

this hunting cloud network as the national entrepreneur service platform and media support, at the same time is the co-organizer Beijing station.

2015 China’s new media venture contest Beijing conference salon

【 】 activity theme firing again: “+” Internet innovation spread new forces in the

[time] on May 15, 2015 13:30

[offices] 83 no.15 street, xicheng district of Beijing DE sheng international center, conference rooms, 9/f, block B,


the organizer: Chinese media group, zhejiang daily newspaper group

to undertake units: media dreamworks SKG HuaWen media research institute of Chinese media industry innovation

co-sponsors: IT orange hunting cloud network

specifies the financial cooperation mechanism: hangzhou bank designated news client: zhejiang news mobile client

mobile terminal live support: looking activity platform support: micro chain line, activity

entrepreneurs service platform support: 36 kr, Teambition, hunting cloud network


the scene interaction interactive sunshine micro letter big screen

all cooperation media: netease mobile phones, new reading magazine

vc video media partners: IN winner

media partners: xinhua news agency, China news agency, People’s Daily online, kwangmyong, China xinhua news network, China news publishing news, Chinese journalists, sina, netease, sohu IT, phoenix technology mobile phones, netease science and technology, baidu news, headlines today

media support of science and technology: Techdaily, chop wood network, the fixed point of science and technology, the Internet analysis salon

link Settings:

13:30 – then the audience sign-in contest propaganda, warming up a video loop

PM – salon began to host the opening, introduce the guests to share the organizers leadership speech

– keep guest theme to share every guest lecture time (30 minutes), each end of the guest speaker to interact with the audience q&a (10 minutes)

Guests share


yi-fan zhang By Beijing science and technology, vice President of marketing

shen goose with media, CSO

jamie had show entrepreneurs, vice President, dark horse will secretary-general, happy village library sponsors

XiaoMingChao well-known marketing experts, trend observed media platform CEO

he salon end free exchange

guests introduced 】 【

yi-fan zhang: by Beijing science and technology, vice President of marketing, led by sales, sales, operations and marketing team composed of product line management, etc. Percentage of science and technology is the first domestic focus on large data with recommendation engines Internet technology companies, is the largest third-party consumer preference data platform, the most authoritative personalized recommendation engine technology platform.

shen goose: along with the media, CSO (chief strategy officer), has nearly 15 years of industry experience in Internet and telecommunications value-added business field. Along with the media (the new three board company code: 430240), founded in 2006, is China’s leading large data peace commercial promotion application solutions provider. In 2015 Spring Festival gala event “shake” one of the party.

jamie had exhibition: entrepreneurs, vice President of rural library sponsors, dark horse secretary-general, happiness. Focus on business innovation, to the transformation of traditional enterprise in-depth study and practice of the Internet.

XiaoMingChao: business trends observers, the digital marketing expert, “observed trends” innovation consulting and communication agency, all the year round for domestic and international trend of fortune 500 companies and media agencies provide insights, strategy consulting, digital marketing and innovation service.

salon registration way 】 【

1. Send “spread + name + company + mobile phone” to 15686045193 @163.com, sign up for the

2. Through the “chain” to sign up

3. Through the “registration”

2015 China’s new media venture contest Beijing conference start

project for nationwide oriented individuals, the development team and commercial institutions, including international students, recruiting team.

as long as you have a unique idea, have an entrepreneurial team (if already group company, shall be the private company). Equity financing demand; Has a unique products, technology or business model;

as long as you take the DEMO product design; With including content feed business, team or individual introduction, product description, market analysis, competitive analysis, risk analysis and financial projections such as content of the business plan;

registration form:

, submit the registration form and online business plan template for or download application form and a business plan template, to xmtcyds@8531.cn email address. (please indicate the email title “2015 China’s new media contest registration”)

event consulting 0571-85311851