Zhang Wang Xiangyong millet mode service small micro enterprise accounting, founder of forget time server to put the head of a bed


MouMingXing said that people do several things for a lifetime is enough, but we want to do a career.

into the interview time is afternoon, conference hall of office space is empty to air a row of a row of neat desks and chairs. Is to meet our lehmann m. sustainability 夆, zhang king software partner, director of operations of seasoning years old.

zhang wang, the founder of MouMingXing, four years of high school teacher, three years of software engineer. 08 start a business, in the form of a company created based on SAAS online billing and finance site money guest is online, the lack of funds, since its establishment MouMingXing said, oneself use ordinary PC LAN line build server, the server’s on the bed he sleeps .

MouMingXing personal online charge to an account of China people, 12 years goods online by his pack sell, wang is the new start-ups account for small micro enterprise, shop owners of financial APP and software.

“now understand financial people don’t understand the Internet, people don’t understand the financial” understand the Internet MouMingXing tell hunting cloud network, “in such an embarrassing situation, our team is small but fine, everyone can carry out independent within the industry.

08 MouMingXing official business, through the financial crisis, will rich guest online in the field of personal accounting software rushes out a piece of blue ocean. That today in the face of small miniature enterprise market, the new opportunity and where is it? MouMingXing told hunting cloud network, “the government is encouraging the entrepreneurial atmosphere, for small micro enterprises set off a new economic growth engine provides infinite possibilities.”

MouMingXing smile, according to the earlier goods online is an era, zhang wang hope that the future is a career .

zhang wang help is to store and small micro enterprises solve the problem of internal accounting, laundry list. Account is clear, convenient operation is its design concept, the current account king provides unique prepaid service, as well as the conference line declare tax service.

zhang Wang Zhong is the most core part of an “contacts”, and individual account of the flowing way and record different small micro enterprise operations involving various corporate cash flow between each other, customers, suppliers and departments are collaboration between project, and is different from the simple profit and loss records, personal finance books king will split the fixed capital spending to each time, running capital and profit and loss accounts will be more clear and obvious . In it, of course, rights management accounts more point of this function. Leadership, accounting can log in, but your permissions are accounting or auditing, zhang wang can also be set.

of course, many enterprises will be so concerned about the security of this account, such as mobile phone lost how to do. Aiming at this problem, MouMingXing said that their products are now implementing web and APP information synchronization, server hard disk will be all the user information for backup regularly, and then through the core technology of encryption. At the same time, zhang wang introduced similar to bank optimal password aegis shield, real-time update of dynamic yards further on information security encryption , even if lost password shield, others also don’t know this password shield with which account link, to guarantee the security. Most important, zhang king company name can be true, only to write down the data from their relevant personnel to understand.

about profit model, MouMingXing told hunting cloud network, “usually do small micro enterprise in the offline trading market tax tax services will spend thousands of yuan, and we can help small businesses to solve several hundred yuan so don’t worry about the lack of customer base and erosion. In a period of time in the future, the king zhang operations in these online services will be “millet model”, he wants to do after the stage of development, zhang wang no longer contributing to the development of the APP to make money, but through the tax agent service behind the big data .

since April 2, zhang wang app has carried on the system upgrade, 5 times at the end of this month will be 6 times, then the team will be moving into the late propaganda. MouMingXing speaking, the early stage of the enterprise has also tried marketing agent for a period of time, but the findings do not conform to the product operation, will be in the near future.

king of current account in A round of financing stage, MouMingXing hope “quantity”, the current account of the king of more than 93000 registered users is, user goal this year is 200000.