Zhang blowing baidu general offensive horns, O2O ming-yuan li said in a proprietary manner

baidu structure adjustment is full in April, President zhang said baidu baidu mobile transformation has been completed, in all-out attack stage, system integration to improve efficiency, to promote synergy. Baidu now emerging business enterprise group system is divided into six divisions and two large enterprise group. Emerging business group to explore new business model, new markets and new growth point, now do many things is representative for the development of the Internet industry in the future. And will start from the baidu the doctor the platform the entrance, the single point of breakthrough.

baidu CEO robin li to do connection 3600 lines of common platform are put forward. Baidu’s vice President, promote strategic ground connection “forward” ming-yuan li, said before the construction tool attribute strong entrance, transition to become a service platform, as soon as possible to improve its activity and frequency. Ming-yuan li believes that baidu universality existing business of the user, the contact frequency and different groups of permeability is the highest, so the most suitable scene: for with user requirements universality widely and has a large scale of the long tail of demand, the high frequency O2O scenario. This is baidu, in the form of proprietary do O2O logic. For the less common in all walks of life, high frequency, baidu will be open with pain-killing injections.

the following is the core content of his speech:

into six divisions and two big business group

this half a year’s time, zhang within the group have done some adjustment, zhang said, “the first point is the focus, less is more, the single point of breakthrough, we put the product line from 64 into 34;

the second point is the new model, how to perform better, including strategic positioning, task decomposition, and culture fall to the ground, we all have specific measures and solutions; The third point is important, it is we want to really take these new business, do it step by step.

baidu emerging business enterprise group system is divided into six divisions and now two big business groups.

his positioning is to six divisions, safety is the home front, is the moat, is the company’s defense forces. In the forefront of the global business is the company’s overseas. The other four are relatively vertical big business. Which medical and financial business is Internet +, the Internet technology, business model, and applied to the traditional industries inside and combined, produce the multiplication effect.

the other two big business groups, one is the digital entertainment, including mobile games, video, music, literature, and lottery; Another is the digital content, including post bar, library, class, Hao123, are some of the original department better integrate together, effective coordination between each other.

zhang said that the two large enterprise group, there are a lot of baidu is familiar to the user consumption, is also very important part of Internet activities people, baidu also have every confidence in the potential of this part of the business.

“into two big business groups, better able to play each business synergies between each other, the user and realise the value of the two sides have a greater. There is also a new business, such as the Internet securities in the new market expanding territory, try a new development.”

will start from the doctor baidu platform entrance A single point of breakthrough

baidu doctor is one of the important products this year zhang’s group, which is the breakthrough to his eyes.

zhang said, bring health, see a big problem now, is the region between different hospitals and medical resources between the height of the asymmetry.

3 armour hospital patients too much, such as big cities the doctor gu not to come over, but many patients do not need to the other side to see a doctor. There are many rural and lower-tier cities, is to find a doctor, actually have a good doctor, only patients might not know.

“our purpose is to eliminate the information asymmetry, the allocation of resources more reasonable and effective, to help the patient to use the fastest speed around to find the best doctor, and then use our positioning technology, searching technology, we machine learning precise matching technology, let everybody can find the most suitable for their own doctor.”

zhang said, will start from the baidu the doctor the platform the entrance, a single point of breakthrough, trying to do the first two years. Do it after the first, there are many places can use baidu resources.

the doctor not only can communicate with patients, for example by baidu, management of the patient, can communicate with another doctor, discuss the problem, you can find professional literature, investigate the prescriptions, and even social security are connected together.

“we want to build an effective platform for the ecological health, it is a very basic task, is a very meaningful thing, is also a big chance to baidu.”

in addition to health, and finance. Zhang said, “finance is also one of the fastest Internet penetration in. On the one hand, it is a vertical industry, on the other hand, finance is a tools and leverage, can help to leverage other business.”

zhang said that baidu with consumer finance credit education as the breakthrough point, in particular, make full use of baidu’s technology and user resources, set up strong account system, risk control model, and the credit system, open the situation.

the core of the Internet of things is baidu brain

zhang revealed the baidu the layout of the future. “Internet of things, that is, the Internet’s physics. We need to do is in a cloud of ability, the ability to deal with large data in the cloud, the ability of artificial intelligence, including speech recognition, image recognition, and advantage in the search, LBS, baidu is the brain, it should be the core of the Internet of things.

a is baidu in the end to have more layout, cut into the Internet of things by intelligent hardware and vertical industry chain industry hardware on the ecology, and cloud are closely linked. This is crucial for baidu.

zhang said, do the Internet of things is not must do intelligent hardware, the need to separate. “We are still a big Internet software and data of the company, and we would have hardware ecological closely together in a large company.”

China will become more important Internet leader

in the next five to 10 years, the next generation Internet technology will be what kind of change and influence on the China and the world are concerned about the topic is the industry and society.

zhang firmly believe that China will be a leader in Internet is more important:

the first point of the Internet is a big trend of physics, the connection with the service. Mobile Internet from information to the service, the entire Internet technologies, products and business model is mapped to the physical world, and is also directly find service.

service refers to our life on the one hand, on the other hand is the service industry, into every vertical industry, the agriculture, to manufacturing, to the health, we have just told to all sorts of the physical world we now can see. This is a big trend, not just people, and the content and the content is linked together, people and objects are linked together, everything is interconnected.

the second big trend is China will become an important leader of the Internet more. In the early China’s Internet industry is more in imitation of the United States, in the past five years, China has already surpassed the United States in some way.

through the scale effect, through the integrated innovation, through business model innovation, in the next five to ten years, China’s leadership role in global Internet will be more significant.

zhang, said many ways China has to learn from the United States, come back to find, and also learn from China in the United States. “Such as the recent Google (weibo) has just introduced a new page rank policy, ‘friendly to mobile website will be more on top, baidu will do it in the two years ago.”

his classmate four Suggestions to young baidu

for baidu such a group of young people with an average age of 26.8 years, zhang also from the perspective of a n experienced person to everyone puts forward four Suggestions:

it is to do things you enjoy, should be interested in doing things;

the second is to keep on learning, to have a curiosity, to see whether the industry are doing, have an open mind;

the third is to have a concentration, don’t follow suit. Such as now everyone to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is more of a spirit, the government encourage the venture is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage more innovation, entrepreneurial spirit is more important is to create value.

zhang said, no matter in the big companies, or your own small business enterprises, are the entrepreneurial spirit so that to find your own position, required to do one thing, don’t be too bubble mentality.

zhang cautioned that last one, simple, can rely on is very important. To curry favor with all straightforward, respect others, don’t go, don’t make gangs, don’t go to face, politics. Focus on hand to do things, how to create value.

below is the internal speech ming-yuan li’s sayings:

mobile battle over the entrance just the dust settles, the battle of O2O is in full swing. O2O makes is the nature of the Internet from providing information service and business level, to connect with the service of ecological construction.

so I think that this influence is bigger, the upstream and downstream ecological and more complex, many opportunities for us, but for our time window is also very clear. Robin mentioned offensive moments, I think is to see the crisis and challenge, see this time, the market test and requirements for us! O2O come this is so, we will go all out!

offensive point is not to say that everybody article tied a red cloth is washed up over his head, but seriously examine yourself whether you are ready, managers and architects, we should see from the organization to the business logic to the task decomposition and implementation is in place.

then according to the requirement of the market, our military forces, hay, equipment, its own training and organization, and behavior, also quickly adjust to a state of war.

as soon as possible from the entrance of the ecological

in the past two to three years with the next two to three years, we want to do strategic is consistent, is the entrance, standard, ecological system, we should do this three parts.

is a regional war in the past, Internet companies and Internet companies for the entrance, is now with various industries to go to the Internet connection service who will win. From this perspective, I the responsible thing to do is to as soon as possible from the entrance to migrate to the ecology.

in this process was also hope that our standard is still feasible.

now the most important job is to keep tool attribute of the strong entrance before construction, transformation into service properties, as soon as possible to improve its activity and frequency, to transform tool as soon as possible into the service platform, transformation into ecological.

baidu mobile three entrance bearing the mission of connecting people and services

we have our own hand, map, distribution of this important entrance, the three entrances are hosting services as soon as possible. If we keep a large entrance, or do before search business, while other people were in the connection services, that in the future we still so important? May become not important. So in this process, we must win, be no return.

connection with the service, direct number is a method of delivery is a method, the wallet is a tool, is also a part of it.

we people in connection with services, one is in delivery, this way, is baidu proprietary, another is the direct number, is the ecological benefit.

completes the task decomposition, fast iterative improvement

the first one thing clear several levels, is online these two dimensions, or multiple dimensions. Then I’ll talk to the man who can make a decision in this dimension that together to discuss more, rapid practice test, with the facts, and to optimize execution.

our style is all together, I tell you, I think you will give me feedback, again to find everyone’s consensus, then quickly went to trial and error, fast iterative improvement. So, the first team goal is consistent, information symmetry;

the second you to do this thing is together in deepening the understanding of the. This is my one way of doing things. The third is a transparent process, timely decision fair and clear evaluation, gain and loss, this is my work is a basic method.

not shaoguang, said to himself, that youth, I don’t regret!

Robin had a phrase to speak very good, is not art. I think people once in a good state, jump in combat, youth goes by much faster than the imagination.

let’s the company’s average age is 26, 27, watershed is five to ten years after the laying.

every moment, I always remind everybody to constantly reflection, is squandering youth, whether the time and energy and mood, USES for their most important or valuable things.

15 years, 20 years later, you will become a mother, the father of others, into a mainstay of our home, into a few old man almost can only rely on the children… You are taking this role will be more and more, your life inevitably more and more complicated.

but only in the average age of the forward and after five years of this decade, is your best time, is that you can lose some baggage to spell for a period of time. Did you do it without regret, really go all out, if found love and good at field to have a foothold and struggle. Later you can talk with myself, that youth, I don’t regret.