Yue’s help: “guide tool +” decorate platform, challenge O2O cross “economic model”

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yue house help is a set of mobile terminal function, experience, interaction as one of the platform. Hunting cloud network know, yue house help subordinate Yu Changzhou Kepler software co., LTD., in the “guide tool +” pattern into decorating platform, through the mobile Internet service improving decorate experience, make fun, relaxed, save money for owner decorate experience.

in fact, for most people, problems will be a lot of decorating. How to sign the contract? How to buy material? Disputes over how to solve? What is environmental protection material? Entity shop price is high, online shopping is no guarantee? And yue house help from instrumental, almost covering all of these problems, from decorate a design to buy decoration materials to decorate a process, yue house can help users to provide a full range of guidance.

specific view, yue house help starting from zero, the feng shui, design, construction and other links don’t understand, yue house help decorate can provide users with professional, comprehensive knowledge parsing. From the perspective of the experience of hunting cloud network, yue house help is like an encyclopedia, containing different design style, the main points of the matters needing attention in the process of decorating, fengshui, such as knowledge, by the user yue house help decorate can learn more knowledge.

in decorating a process, yue house help decorate link into masonry construction, civil construction, decoration and so on 10 steps, each process protection is subdivided inventory, more than 50 links all the way, a step-by-step to decorate every step. Article yue house help tens of thousands of domestic outfit tip, according to the random little detail, users can easily know home outfit function design embodies the humanized operation. At the same time, the picture record function will backup steps of each link, decorate can field records, completion acceptance and later as a souvenir, can also generate decorate record album.

in addition, yue house help also provide, yue yue house information search, budget, purchase records, the collection, and other functions, such as the implementation of supply and demand docking between merchants and users; Intelligent personalized budgets, according to the user’s career, hobbies, such as tailored budget, also can to decorating process of sampling and unified classification, unified classification of all the procurement project, thus further comparison.

the whole, yue house help tool attribute “instead of” route, decorate again a lot of information, to guide guide platform with electricity. Yue’s help to move into businesses with strict standards, by the high quality continually attract high-quality merchants to join platform, promise rebates merchants will display on the right side “back” word. When a user with rebates tenants after complete the transaction, yue curtilage gang the commitment in the form of rebate amount returned to the user.

in terms of business model, and yue house help, unlike O2O platform, can be understood as a set type trading platform. Cloud network understanding, hunting set type trading platform is the core of transaction. By solve the problem of decorate of upstream and downstream information symmetry, matching the appropriate transaction object, the two sides deal with the landlord for businesses, rather than a complete transactions online “. Yue’s help is the main characteristic of value between the buyer and the seller agree that is done through interface of negotiation, the whole process is through the interaction of complex offline agreement to convention, it is difficult to do some specific tracking. O2O is online transactions, offline interaction, all are traceable.

in hunting cloud network point of view, the yue house help instrumental setup is very strong, but to buy electricity has yet to be improved. Yue house help course there is no problem, but the future will encounter a lot of need to solve the problem. In terms of decoration, it is a low frequency of consumption goods, the user’s viscosity is a problem worth considering; From the tools to buy electricity how to increase the conversion; How to improve its own credit mechanism, etc., yue house help, trust and is critical to the success of the matching set economic model requires active users and sincere buyers, thus realize two-way balance, the layout of the adhesive, promote each other, is the development direction of yue house help finally.