Your brain waves now allows you to become an artist

you fantasize about obtained super ability to move objects in mind? It may be unlikely, but do you have in mind control cell phone or computer the chance of this sort of thing. One day, as long as have a capture device in brain activity and can respond to electrical system, you can the “heart” lust.

we send instructions, click the mouse, and talk to Siri, or toward the wave device.

people on how to use the least amount of motion control technology of exploration has never stopped. Although we didn’t take out really in 2015 to be able to read our thoughts system, but we can respond to electrical system are a step closer.

this idea has been in many people’s mind hovered for a long time. Last summer, my colleague Dan Tynan bravely to face the future direction of the product on the market: with mind control objects, whether mobile phones, computers, car audio, or video game controllers, the lights in the room, and so on.

now, the application of science and technology into actual is still an attractive idea, but the eeg identification in the field of an unimaginable won the biggest progress: art.

that sounds and “practical” completely irrelevant, but even the most artistic brainwave technology related experiments have been unexpected results. In short, these experiments can help us to find out a “mind reading” really should be what kind of computer interface, excavate the potential of it and find out its limits.

the first explain the background: when we are talking about brain wave interface, we are actually talking about? This’s not the same and science fiction. The operation of the brain is the activity of neurons and ion, decades ago, physicians will be able to measure and monitor the activities of current, record the electrical activity had the electroencephalogram (eeg). Seen in the movie the head attached to all kinds of sensor images? That is the electroencephalogram (eeg) device.

the mess in the wire is on a more specific things, you can have a similar to the Emotiv or NeuroSky helmet “neurons” such a thing. They are electrical control technology into the consumer market pioneer. Once you have to capture the brain activity of the equipment in the form of data, you have to input data into some kind of output data.

if you want to make the input data can be accurate to “I want to see the Broad City” or “on twitter on Yahoo Tech” we still have a long way to go, but artists and technical experts have proved that using existing technology brain waves are able to do something creative, of course, as long as you use the “heart” to do.