You shouldn’t go to the teacher, the arm with this machine it can learn to draw!

dear partners, are you still upset for his lack of talent? Do you still in gorgeous the piano genius or painting genius? Actually don’t need, the rapid development of high-tech has can help us to make up for the defects. If you don’t play the piano, so put on a pair of magic gloves, it will guide you to pop up a magical notes; If you can’t flexibly using the pen, then as long as a robot accessories guide, you can easily draw a perfect circle…

you might think it just talk the talk, but in fact are not. New project design engineer Saurabh Datta have confirmed it. In Copenhagen institute of interaction design project, Datta designed a series of device that can guide people to do simple tasks, these devices by using force tactile feedback system to guide people to play the piano or draw basic shapes. In a nutshell, these devices to control you, you follow.

Datta, a civil engineer, he started the project is to explore how can with the help of the machine learning to play the piano. He wants to know: if we put more agent machine, and so, whether or not they can through the establishment of muscle memory to help us to improve some skills? A very simple example, the teacher is a what kind of role? When teaching painting, they will pass control your hands let you make some action. Over time, you will remember how to use your hands to complete these actions alone. Datta finger force earlier projects, also is to use a mandatory tactile feedback system, to control the user’s finger. It USES an automatic lever to increase or decrease the index finger to tap the keys. We is not hard to find, in the two projects, our body is simply used as no vitality of the tool, and did not give full play to their role.

Datta spent a week alone made these rough prototype, so it will use them as a mature tool is a no-no. Very well, however, they will verify the relationship between human and machine in the future. “The purpose of the system and the software is to understand when the machine has a different point of view and human or the content of the negotiation with regard to the same goal, to understand how they are complementary or refute each other.” Datta is like this.

this case, almost no negotiation is works. Datta construction of the machine is adopt to veto the people into an extreme way of doing so, to test how much we should give our life machine control. The designers found that when the complete control of machine, most people will feel uncomfortable. They may resist this mandatory tactile feedback, and adjust their wrist and hand to a comfortable position. In another test, Datta machines will record the user’s action, and then repeated by mandatory feedback. This is a very good compromise, because the machine how to have a better understanding to the human activities, this also is more conducive to the development of people-oriented.

Datta want through these experiments found that for future reference for the design of tactile function response. And he found that comes at the right time, because for machine represents the degree of human decision making, is in the state of growing. Now, we can already see the push and pull between human and machine in automatic vehicle worked.

in fact, technology is always in order to enhance the ability of human beings and provided more convenient for people’s life and existence. Computer can be regarded as is described the teacher, but they will also become terrible, let a person hard to resist. This is a great and terrible line. With the popularity of these systems, Datta such experiments can help us understand nuances in terms of the relation between the human and machine in the material.

Source: Wired