You a sheep camel: harvard students build ecological “grass mud horse”, introducing alpaca industry chain in China

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grass mud horse is one of China’s netizens spoof ten great god beast, the prototype of alpaca is native to South America. Appearance is cute lovely alpaca all over the world have captured a large “fans” heart. People originally breeding alpacas is to breed or shearing alpaca, however, are now gradually alpaca meat into more and more restaurants. Hunting cloud network recently focused on “sheep camel” you want to project the alpaca industry into the home, do China’s first brand of alpaca, is preparing to launch limited edition in chengdu alpaca.

you a sheep camel is composed of three students entrepreneurial projects, founder of tain knocking at Harvard University graduate student majoring in public health management. Suddenly turned sell alpacas, because September 14 years he and his friend go to Boston on a farm, found alpacas were full of treasure. “We want to be the first to turn a alpaca meat and alpaca products sold to China team, we want to do the first brand of alpaca ‘you a sheep camel.” Now they are the first batch of alpaca meat has successfully flown to China, including meat cooked food and restaurants.

in those early days, when they go to Wall Street’s investment in people, others think that now is the hottest electricity and mobile Internet, are reluctant to invest agriculture. They seek help from harvard business school professor, others also said: “you are a student, what relationship into the Chinese market? I’m sorry, my students are doing financial and business management, to do agriculture.”

no investor, three people also “brave” dried up. They have no money please professional designers, but in harvard square street, Greek girl painting, to help them do design and drawing cartoons. The girl is particularly fond of alpaca, it for free.

tain knocking and his sheep you a camel partners

alpaca meat is a kind of hair plant-eating animals, has a unique economic value. Its production performance in wool, meat and skin, breasts are these aspects, among them with the highest economic value of alpaca. But alpaca will have three years to grow up, and alpaca general shearing 1 time every year. Alpaca meat, sheep camel leather, sheep camel milk also have good use value.

for doesn’t fit into the reproduction or low quality alpaca wool industry, alpaca meat industry has the necessity of its existence, like sheep, need to have both meat and cashmere, the alpaca industry as well. at the moment, you a sheep camel set up online sales platform, and to get the United States department of agriculture (USDA) USDA food safety license, won the domestic food circulation permit.

tain knocking team will alpaca meat quick-freeze drying method, within 50 to – 100 degrees below zero in the shortest possible time to alpaca meat rapidly freeze drying, the greatest degree of guarantee of the original nutrition and cellular structure. “After dried meat to the domestic water recovery, so to ensure maximum meat is delicious and meat quality integrity.”

the hollow structure of alpaca let its light warm, become “soft gold” in the animal hair. Next, the sheep you are planning a camel alpaca textile fashion brands. they want to sell the alpaca meat and alpaca products to China, to guide the Chinese farmers and herdsmen raise the added value of high species, follow-up will also complete the alpaca genome sequencing, the use of agricultural products achieve real-time tracking data. “Our ultimate dream was to introduce the alpaca industry chain in China, to realize large-scale farming in China don’t eat grass roots of alpaca, make Chinese agriculture herdsman alpaca breeding high added value, using the Internet and big data technology to overturn China agriculture.” Tain knocking tell hunting cloud network.

you a sheep camel brand is still in, the team also have their own taobao shop and the public, the next step plan will do an alpaca brand electrical contractor. This bias Internet O2O play more may accelerate the alpaca industry development in China.

in July of this year, tain knock at home will be officially graduated from harvard, based in wuhan on dreams. At present, the team is in the angel round.