Yi tao: according to their aptitude, to the quality of teaching

(text/Tan Ziling)

“make education pay more attention to personality, according to the pace of personal learning, provide personalized, customized, transparency, low cost solution, do according to their aptitude”

about yi tao learn

yi tao was started by a user demand, training business demand response and platform to complete the deal flow of education service platform. Direct custom user’s demand, and training business by focusing on customer demand, customized personalized teaching scheme, easy for learning is to resolve the trust and security issues between the two, provide the method of payment and ways.

the current education training a lot of information, for students, how to quickly find suits own in vast amounts of learning resource classes become a big problem, at the same time, the happen of 4 dispute between training institutions and students display also is a hidden trouble in security in the travel industry. Based on these problems, yi tao study using Internet platform to a single user demand allocation out, any can meet the requirements of the server to complete a business demand, and get return, so that each individual, service and be service in the sun.

yi tao is a subsidiary of sichuan and litai technology products, the company was established in October 2014, the registered capital of 2 million, the founder of Zhao Lingsong since 7 years engaged in the related work of education and training institutions, was founded to education, 12 years cooperation with sichuan university founded CG training. Co-founder Hu Jiyu in huawei, telecommunications and other well-known enterprises as a project development and management work. At present, yi tao study team has nine people.

according to

cloud network hunting, yi tao learning APP online, to the end of June there are students and the teacher two ports. By the two ports, easy for learning training business (teachers and training institutions) with students, and students from the traditional passive choice to take the initiative to choose to suit oneself of curriculum resources, the teacher can also through the understanding of students needs, tailor personalized teaching scheme, for students to realize their aptitude.

in the student version port, students learn through my requirement, can choose their own course, set the time to study and to learn to withstand spending, yi tao learning platform will crowdsourcing needs to go out, meet the demand of the teacher can through the platform to connect with his students. At the same time, students can see himself with the teacher in the visualization of map of geography position, for students to provide convenient services.

version in the port, the teacher can submit their introduction, teaching plan and students work, at the same time set the teaching mode. By starting after class, he can be selected to meet the requirements of their students, to send students experience their own lesson plans, online communication with students.

quality first

Zhao Lingsong tell hunting cloud network, student tuition fee is not paid directly to the teacher, but managed by yi tao study, according to the node and time course stage, each phase of the tuition amount specified, students study according to the learning process by yi tao installment payment of tuition fee.

“why hosting fees, two purposes, on the one hand is to ensure the safety of payment, at present, a lot of disputes between students and institutions, we will take on the installment plan, according to the curriculum node, node payment, if not satisfied, in accordance with the progress of refund. On the other hand, is in order to ensure the quality of teaching, such guarantee each teacher to teaching attentively, or you lose students.”

Zhao Lingsong pointed out that yi tao study of advertising is “enough cow you have to,” Logo design for a cow, meaning “capable person”, the company will come easy for learning training manual audit, only is capable of, can be free to come to this platform.

education “alipay”

easy to find online for two weeks, after two edition correction, at present, the existing more than 50 training business, registered students, more than 100 people, there are 10 times a day on average consultation request.

“it is a kind of brand-new education crowdsourcing business model, easy for learning through the precise starting point, meet the demand of the upstream training business benefits at the same time, solve the pain points of downstream student services access costs,” said Zhao Lingsong.

hunting cloud network understand, easy to clean out according to the students tuition charge a commission of 10%, at the same time, the return of 6% of the profits as a student tuition fee subsidy. In the future, when the platform scale reaches a certain degree, hosting fees can be used as capital to run, on the other hand, easy for learning will be through advertising to generate revenues.

now, yi tao pilot study mainly in chengdu, the first stage mainly for education institutions, between students and institutions, and the construction of a platform of education service and trade security; The second stage, through the platform to the certification of education institutions and individuals, can be in yi tao to school; The third stage, through the data mining and data analysis, tracking the teaching talent flow, to create a human resource platform.

in addition, Zhao Lingsong said, at present, yi tao learn officially launched the financing plan, capital demand in 8 million.