YC head challenge “bubble theory” advocates, who lost to charity donation of $100000

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more than in silicon valley venture and advocating vc “bubble theory”, YC new head Sam Altman had a cow. He and the investors who hold “bubble theory” made a $100000 bet. If before 2020, there really is a wide range of bubble economy, so he willing to pockets, to charity donations of $100000.

Altman points out that he did not think of VC investors some alarmist, many investor pessimism, brings to the venture capital industry is not a positive influence. Instead of constantly do market trends judgment, calm down and focus on specific entrepreneurial innovation project.

interestingly, Altman in this bet of $100000, also made three anticipation:

the first, to January 2020, the U.S. venture six big unicorn, including Uber, Palantir, reality, Dropbox, Pinterest, and the value of the capsules will be up to $200 billion from $100 billion today. Don’t believe in his Snapchat value outlook;

second, Stripe, Zenefits, Instacart, Mixpanel, Teespring, Optimizely, Coinbase, Docker and Weebly the total value of “the second echelon” startup will be from today’s $9 billion, rising to $2020 in 2020;

third, YC2015 winter incubating the total value of the startup of class will reach $3 billion by 2020.

Altman is confident that he lost the chance of is not big. However, he also pointed out that in 2018-2019, have the opportunity to produce a range of bubble economy, and continued until 2020, which could let him lose the bet.


in the end, Altman said, and he was the first to bet against the judgment of VC, no matter who, finally lost, all want to own money, for charity donation of $100000. Interestingly, in this morning, chairman of sequoia moritz said, technology industry has appeared the bubbles, the future will have a number of startups die (regardless of the size).

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