YC chairman: science and technology industry is experiencing a bubble but won’t last

Y Combinator is silicon valley famous business incubators, such as reality, Dropbox people also start a business from here. Its chairman, Sam Altman said: science and technology industry may be experiencing a bubble.

“that the bubbles can last forever?” Altman asked.

in 2015, an open-air meetings, Altman said: cheap capital by the American government loan, which has led to the major national the huge expansion of the market, but we don’t need to worry about smaller technology industry.

“it also let us all an illusion”. Altman said.

a live interview, in reality, vice President of Mike Curtis’s encouragement, Altman had uttered their voices heard, he will be how to end, from the world when it comes to the people living beside the coal-fired power plants rather than next to the plant.

here are some of his views:

refers to the continuous development of artificial intelligence market : “artificial intelligence could lead to the end of the world, but at the same time, also will promote the rise of the company’s constantly.

if I were President barack Obama is what I will do : “if I were Obama, I’ll invest $100 billion to research and development of artificial intelligence security plan.” Altman said. He also said recently invested in a “security of artificial intelligence research” to discuss the potential risk of artificial intelligence.


Y Combinator : to be so successful? “the secret is that we will invest the unlimited plan period of the project. , for example, Y Combinator now invested in four to five nuclear power projects, the project investment only small seed round, so it has the ability in the next 20 to 30 years to keep its position, in the meantime, clean energy market will be gradually maturing, the traditional venture capital firms will gain a fast return.

why do people prefer to live in coal-fired power plants, also don’t want to close to the nuclear power plant : “because of the slow compared to risk, people are more sensitive to extreme risk. In fact, live in coal-fired power plants, are more likely to suffer from lung disease or other diseases, but living near the nuclear power plant is only a small risk of explosion. But chronic death not as dramatic as for nuclear power plant blasts die.”

why startups to ignore the hate them : “people often make some stupid mistake, this is the result of their ignorance. In fact, people often made in the past we continue to invest an teased us on this matter.

why is it so hard to find investment founder : “10 minutes of conversation can see a person’s intelligence, but he is difficult to make a decision.”

to Y Combinator applicant for one of the most serious danger signal : “if the co-founder diverge in the room, said the situation was wrong.”

Thursday is the first company Y Combinator investment Loopt’s 10 anniversary. Its some ideas that may sound, but the success of the Y Combinator start from here, it should be has a profound meaning behind it.

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