Yao: if only one keeps the small white dedicated tablature editor

(text/He Yuying)

“if only one keeps the yao tablature editor design philosophy is simple. Different from those of professional music editor (such as GuitarPro), can get started using it directly, if only one keeps the minutes to write a beautiful score. It’s like them and Photoshop, early every computer installed a pirated Photoshop, in fact few actually work on its function, and sets a happened to be in the simple and easy to use and Internet properties quickly occupied the ordinary people’s cell phone.” For your product, if only one keeps the founder Ding Hongfei to hunt cloud network is introduced.

if only one keeps the yao currently consists of web editor and mobile version of the reader. In minimalism, if only one keeps the temporarily without setting to the user account, so products in the process of updating to add the function of historical records and auto-complete, utmost effort, for the user to edit thus become a simple matter. Exhibit development music at the same time, will interact, share Internet basic elements into the product. If only one keeps the founding team hopes to break all the red tape, let the piano friends with the most simple way electronic loose-leaf their collection of music, make it if only one keeps the piano they had.

at the beginning of 2015, two IT engineers formed? If only one keeps the founding team, they will look aimed in the field of music and online education. Current domestic Internet team in this area is relatively less, few Internet companies become bigger and stronger in terms of music, especially in the field of music sharing this seemingly small bothered. Individual products that are specialized on the market, it is hard to get started for non-professional music lovers, an increase in the number of largely limits the users.

Ding Hongfei tell hunting cloud network, actually in the long run online education market is very big, a lot of musical instrument training also often use the Internet multimedia interaction. If only one keeps the yao is the first development in the field of online music program, through the comparative analysis of market similar products, they are developing yao, if only one keeps both in operation and interface “the basics”. Hope the small white in the field of music can pass to enjoy the joy of music creation, if only one keeps the color at the same time with same interests and sharing together.

“it products launched in recent months, if only one keeps the current user growth rate in line with expectations. Our main focus on the perfect product, has not spend too much energy on marketing, the current user is essentially an organic (organic), by word of mouth.” Ding Hongfei told me that all of the product should be able to use editor is the top users in the field of music, or “content producers”, to gather this type of bearings with high quality user team to promote the development of very powerful in the future.

if only one keeps the color theme for the future development of yao team mentality is smooth. Culture and education is different from Ding Hongfei think to play games, will not be able to count on the user’s explosive growth. With rhythm, the team will launch a tender of high quality product, form a good product line, set a good brand in a circle. On March 23, 2015, if only one keeps it in web page editor guitar little game “the piano”, simple operation, pure and fresh, as ever.