Xiao-ping xu initiative “impact” : resist false raised

is very serious fund founder, angels xiao-ping xu initiative industry raised resisting startup false.

xiao-ping xu in weibo said, “at the beginning of the New Year, I want to launch an initiative: friends of the venture capital, everybody together to eliminate the phenomenon of the false investment. I dare not say, but I’ll know precisely what is very firm raised. I asked the company either not submitted to the finance news, want to report will be submitted to the real number, otherwise I would in weibo “accidentally” revealed that I know the truth.”

in order to achieve the exaggerated propaganda effect, some start-ups often tend to choose any financing amount after the completion of the financing, about 2 times or more times.

xiao-ping xu after the issue of the initiative to get a lot of the personage inside course of study of the response. The personage inside course of study sneered convective cloud editor king “xiao-ping xu teacher before impact, he often first platform of several enterprises play the anti-counterfeiting, thin thin body.”