Xiao-ping xu in the eyes of elite silicon valley entrepreneurship and the evolution of the definition

note: hunting cloud someone always say love xiao-ping xu elite investment, overseas background of lay particular stress on, for example, the returns for ms Chen. In his report, however, xiao-ping xu denies this, and the changes in the American universities with such as grassroots angel investment on behalf of Mr. CAI, to explain the traditional definition of the word “elite” are being subversive, fell apart in front of the “entrepreneurs” groups. the following oral for its full text, from the I horse:

ten years ago, I had seen such a view: Stanford MBA graduation of time, only 10% of the people to write a resume to find a job, and the remaining 90% of the people are writing BP (Business Plan) for capital venture. Harvard MBA is reversed, 90% of people to write a resume to find a job, 10% of people write BP for venture capital. The truth also is such, everywhere we look, and today there are a few harvard MBA in business? Much, much lower than the Stanford.

Stanford entrepreneurship genetic exactly where you come from? This is an interesting question.

the first, the valley in the western United States. The west, it was originally by entrepreneurs a gun, a horse head for gold. Second, Stanford this place, it is more or less form the tradition. The earliest, railway magnate the stanfords donated the land, rules can never sell. Later, had a provost named Frederick Terman (Frederick Terman), he said, not to sell, but we can rent. He began to put the land rent to the start-up, has Stanford startup hubs. The man became known as “the father of silicon valley”, news, and to understand the birth of Stanford has great benefits. But don’t forget that the two most representative of the company,

Microsoft and facebook, they are all from Boston. But for what they are not in Boston, but went to the west. Why did mark zach’s have to silicon valley? May be cluster, basically, but perhaps more important where entrepreneurial culture has been formed.

it is often said that the rise of America is one of the important factors that the United States is not Western Europe the depressed level of consciousness of human nature, noble bearing. Than relatively traditional, and conservative eastern orthodoxy, California is the pioneers, gold prospectors to develop a “new continent” of update, here people all want to depend on oneself make creation, places like advocating birth and strong innovative entrepreneurial essence of god, seems to be more logically.

hippie movement originated in Berkeley, instead of harvard. Don’t wear a suit trend originated in silicon valley, rather than New York. Compared to the eastern United States and in most parts of the world, silicon valley is more freedom, more tolerant, more casual, more relaxed, more conducive to young people, in the freedom of the life, thoughts wander, to pursue their dreams in life.

Stanford, Mr. CAI and LeiJunYou in common?

I have been half jokingly said, if a person doesn’t understand investment, as long as it is Stanford MBA, without choice, a person put $200000 to $500000, then your shooting is the highest in the same way of investment. In fact have funds are doing similar things.

entrepreneurs sometimes is a circle, there is a tradition. Mr. CAI didn’t go to Stanford, he invested a lot of successful entrepreneurs didn’t go to university or is a famous university in “grassroots” entrepreneurs, but his success rate is very high also, investment is very successful. See lei jun, wu3 da4 is not China’s top school, jinshan also is not the top companies in China, but “lei jun”, as is known to all their venture capital ratio was the highest in China.

Stanford, Mr. CAI, lei jun have in common? They have created a special standard of selection and breeding. Elite, celebrities, famous, one of their common law, is for the average person to complete the integration filter, filtering and extraction process.

however, the benefits of Stanford is obvious.

in the first place, although I opposed XueLiLun, but good degree obviously don’t have to apologize.

second, a good education can bring their own ecosystem. Have a good record of formal schooling, there is a good brother, good school sister, good alumni network, there are talent ecosystem. You are the Stanford, entrepreneurship, you find a Stanford is relatively easy. Make video, you can go to koo; Do social networking, you go to Joseph; Guo to make electricity, you should consult, ms Chen. They again busy, also hard to refuse to consult from the name of the alumni.

third, although schools also have bad people, but there will be no talent defects of the system. Today, represented by Stanford, harvard business school’s MBA programme is globally recognised, the best business education. These students, they received a system of business training, to master a variety of powerful tools, there are at least sufficient theoretical training. Now we want to sure the value of the MBA, certainly the value of business education, must now crown – the value of the Stanford business education.

but, also don’t think the MBA shots, prevail. MBA is a bulldozer, you have it, have relatively strong driving force, but you must know what use it to push. You can go to push his way, you can also get together on the way of other people to help people to push. Methodology is the advantage of the MBA.

but even Stanford MBA graduates, I still have a choice. Have a Stanford MBA, in the top job, he had come to us, we have not, because his shareholding structure is very complex. Later, we help him get this sorted out the complex structure, just rest assured.

I want to especially about the story of meng Yang. She graduated from Peking University, master of at Stanford read, work two years later, want to start a business. I listen to her last April in silicon valley project, think not mature enough for the time being. But I saw an entrepreneur from conversation with her key qualities: determination. She works in a Uber, there are millions of dollars worth of options, but has decided to resign to start a business. I encouraged her to return home, said will support her, at the same time, because of her confidence and determination, deep down I really believe she will be successful.

two months after she is back. Soon she found his direction, to join a fast-growing start-up company as a important position, now very happy to be doing. I like this story – the best of men, with the most excellent entrepreneurial spirit, aggressive, willingness to take risks, dare to embrace the opportunity.

best talent + entrepreneurial determination, this is my investment methodology. If today, a Stanford to knock at the door, I will go to detect his determination to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs that blood, flows in his veins? I can perspective, his veins blood flowing is entrepreneurs, or managers of the blood. Did I want to see, in his eyes that yoshimitsu – entrepreneur’s yoshimitsu and senior employees yoshimitsu is not the same.

school is a standard, and there is always an exception to the standard

everyone said, xiao-ping xu like elite. In fact, these years, the word “elite” of traditional definition is overturned, fell apart in front of the “entrepreneurs” groups.

ten years ago, harvard MBA is considered to be the best, legend has it that 80% of the world top 500 enterprises, the CEO of harvard MBA. But today you will hear the blood? Don’t. Today, most excited the era of heroes, led by the youth idol in Stanford and silicon valley entrepreneurs.

the standard of this era hero, defining the idol changed, has been known from the out of the school into, to prove himself with the accomplishments of others, into a prestigious enterprises in the unknown, with their own talent, effort and courage to prove himself.

there is a very important change. To ma, ma, lei jun these human representatives, they don’t have studied abroad, but they are in a long fight, Microsoft, amazon and eBay, has completed the process of internationalization, business before they have is to have the international competitiveness of the “elite”. A person, no longer have to go abroad, don’t want to go to school, he just took part in the international competition, learned to success, is a world-class talent, is the elite of The Times.

so, I love more investment, more than I love people who experienced intense competition, the ebb tide. Who is the surging ahead, was photographed on shore, will rush to the sea again forever surfers. Call the sea in the past, now called surfing. Wave is always constant, a challenge to the talent is to break out. You can launch successful, you also can disappear, you can temporarily successful always depressed, but also can rise of ups and downs miracle… Always keep high entrepreneurial spirit, this is the touchstone of measure elite or deadwood, watershed.

in very serious fund thrown a entrepreneurs, one of the most let me proud people, is a high school there will be a world-class peakji technical ability. He read the university called haidian university, far from school. School provides a maximum efficiency of screening criteria, and there is always an exception to the standard. Use the “elite schools” to screen peakji, you never screen him.

the entrepreneurial success of an important standard is listed. Fastest and ms Chen is listed, and the nyse has been established in the light of the CEO. This is a miraculous rise. Don’t want to do a few years the billions of dollars, which entrepreneurs become the youngest nyse CEO? Ms Chen, of course, is the pride of the Chinese entrepreneurs. Of course, the success of ms Chen, now has entered the “how to maintain and develop its own success”, so another helpless cycle.

ms Chen in entrepreneurship on the point of no return. But in essence, all entrepreneurs are walking in the road. BAT bosses can lying on the huge market value is sleeping? I’m afraid they face competition, more intense, more stressful.

as a very serious fund founder, every day I just want one thing: how to catch the next ms Chen? How to find the next hot company? This morning, I and our two LP, America to the old beauty, sitting here talking for two hours. Talk, my mind anxiety, anxiety may be in the conversation, some investors to the next BAT company. I suddenly thought of, that year in new Oriental, anxious all my mind is the fate of the students, the day is for them to write a book, write a life story. I sit here today, I seem to see many drops a taxi project, the optimal project, they should follow others… The hunger and anxiety, which in torment me.

I learn music was born. I know, those composers, authors, poets, painters, directors, they will always be thinking of next work. Now I do investment, seems to have the artist’s crazy – I always feel I have nothing to. I think Andy grove that sentence on my body also is quite suitable for: only the paranoid survive.

so, an entrepreneur is of no return. Entrepreneurship is the beginning of time. Once you venture, you started your startup time, but time will not stop. Where is the end? At the moment as you exit the river’s lake. Your clock stopped, and the time of others is still walking on the tick, into the future.