Xiang-dong zhang joined the bike complete $700 and $15 million of A round of funding

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xiang-dong zhang to join 700 bike four months later, the official weibo today issued a company important information…

first in the original weibo:

to the care and attention to A new generation of urban bike friends: 700 bike has recently completed A round of funding, and investors include ficus altissima, China capital, IDG capital fund (no) in pinyin acronym order, the financing amount is $15 million, and at the same time the amount of RMB 300 million for loan credit supply chain. Hereby to the general care, pay attention to a new generation of urban bicycle r&d process of friends, thanks for your attention.

is the first to see the news in the circle of friends, by the beast friend li gang of cycling. He also excited in congratulations at the same time, and had a shot of doping in the bicycle industry. Sure enough, do ride assistive intelligent software and hardware of the beast I dare ride to the giant “challenger”.

the beginning of the story, 700 bike is a bike culture of the Internet company, was founded in 2012. In November 2014, xiang-dong zhang by investors into a co-founder, and CEO, now 700 bike is positioned above the based on Internet technologies, in order to change the way that the urban quality of life for the mission “mobile”.

so what do is xiang-dong zhang? City bike, he want to do is, intelligence, or networking is just a small feature, this we can from microblog twice the expression “a new generation of city bike” see clue.

what is a city bike, actually can also be called a commuter bike. Is different from that of only a handful of people can ride professional bike and rode it efficient and convenient lifestyle, specially designed for ordinary People’s Daily life to travel, it can meet the clothing all the year round a variety of weather conditions in travel demand, and convenient for the user to carry bags, package and so on. People usually use city bicycles as their work take them the first choice of transport. A typical city bike can go on, don’t need more bicycles debugging skills. Look like extreme sports can go to other places.

xiang-dong zhang mentioned in the book short flight such a problem: know to ride a bike to complete what is the most important in a long journey?

his answer – not physical, not perseverance, is to find their own frequency. When you find the most suitable for their own stamp on the frequency, learn to use variable speed let bicycles to coordinate their own stamp on the frequency, keep match with the heartbeat breathing condition, how much of a slope, can be on the top; How far is the way, can ride to an end.

from here we can see that xiang-dong zhang to do the bike, the hope can give users into smooth, comfortable experience. Believe that soon we will be in Beijing time it will take over.

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