Written in C round of financing to complete, slow character with temperature carpooling team how to do

cloud network hunting note: on April 10, every car completed by baidu led, sequoia capital and C round of financing, has ever been lift/car pool area for single investment amount of the largest and highest valued company. Recently, carpooling field subsidy wars began to heat up, you can see in a slow character of entrepreneurial teams, a social car-sharing temperature, how to got a $1 billion car pool large market. CEO ZhaiGuangLong authorized cloud network reproduced hunting everyday use

dear customers and friends all focus on everyday use:

hello. I am a CEO ZhaiGuangLong everyday use.

this is a a bit of a special moment for car every day, before share with all the media friends, I think the first and our owners friends the good news:

this past April 10, every car completed by baidu led, sequoia capital and C round of financing, has ever been lift/car pool area for single investment amount of the largest and highest valued company. At this point, the actual operating every day just eight months after car valuation is close to $two hundred million.

the eight months since its establishment, we have been deliberately kept a low profile, do not follow, don’t rob. This is our products and our attitude of doing things. Sometimes, I will be with my investors worry: the voice of the car on the market every day how so small, continue like this very not easy accumulation of lead will soon be latecomers surpass.

as investors and I are both years old friendship, we get along as friends, as friends worry for me, too. I’m a little depressed: this is my personality, how to change? !

but also good, my this character doesn’t seem to be too affects the development of the company: every day on September 5, 2014 car to complete A round, December 12, complete B wheel, on April 10, 2015 C wheel, in about half A year’s time we finish the 3 rounds of financing, speed to surprises all the people.

and, after the Spring Festival this year, we are surprised to find that car of everyday lift area has become one of the hottest niche O2O direction; The idea was not favored by people, has now become a big market closer to $1 billion.

a lot of people ask me, every day car why add so many social elements in the product? What’s the use?

in fact, the beginning and we have a very simple wish: do a temperature, products of love. This is our beginner’s mind, is our persistence. Because we believe that the future of mobile Internet is far more efficient to solve the problem, more importantly, it can reconstruct the relationship of the people, let everyone trust each other, thereby reducing the threshold of the get along with.

in the past eight months, adhere to the beginner’s mind is like this make you fruitful. Let me and the team most exclamation is not our growth and growing list of followers, and when those who let us feel warm and lovely real – owner users. We get along with them by heart, and was most impressed by their heart at all times. Tell you something about their stories.

because, just like in the previous “li mouth”, “meng” in our owner is very famous and he is our a car owner micro letter group of group of the Lord. Old meng group is very solidarity, someone is sick, old meng will be with the other owners went to the hospital to visit; When not busy, old meng also will go to xiangshan group owners pick up garbage, go to the nursing home to visit the old man. You love him, like his brother in focus.

owner “rabbit,” Mr Called “friends of the warm man everyday, pregnant women, with the title, because” the rabbit, “Mr. As long as the order nobody answered to see pregnant women, he would not hesitate to next, even once received a still have three days of pregnant women in labor. Female passengers especially trust him.

“Andy” is our the first owner. He, like ourselves, in love every day. Not only is the early can understand our products and ideas of the owner, and thanked to invited around so many owners friends joined the everyday, relieved we had.

owner “stars” and her husband are also our early owners. Day day car owners know young couple will wedding in March 8, more than 100 private car spontaneous, duty, for the couple when money freely.

wedding, many owners more than 5 o ‘clock in the morning get up, according to the color of the vehicle fleet, in the loop on the mighty for 1 hour, from four directions of northwest, southeast of Beijing heading for the wedding. That day, we all feel to do a special great product, special pull breeze!

last August when just starting a business, we are in a more than 100 square meters near your office in your home. Owner conference for the first time, we feel that their office is too humble, afraid frighten the owner, the innovation works picked a big conference room.

later, familiar with us after the close, many owners friends often work in even ran to our humble office after the meeting, almost every time until 9 to 10 p.m. and advised us to.

so the owner of the user in the car every day there are many, many, all those stories to our memories, every time I think of, the heart of warm meaning. Now, under the everyone’s support and love, every car has been out of Beijing, arrived in tianjin, Shanghai, chengdu, guangzhou, hangzhou… Even in the future will reach all the lines, second-tier cities.

and I have also don’t like the early owners know Beijing, to meet so many new owners of the city. But it’s good, we are local colleagues still every day in the lovely warm, touched by the owner’s story.

five years ago, in 2010, I had joined only ten several members Meituan team, was emphatically did not think of the small business company has now grown into a nearly $10 billion valuation of O2O Internet giant.

now, I still don’t know what will be the future of the car every day, but this time start let me clearly realized the entrepreneurial pleasure: from a everyone when you don’t understand, didn’t a good idea, to make products, let some people accept, slowly to make greater use of user groups, and then found that people around you are using, finally someone clap you of shoulder to say: brother, that’s what you said at the time! Ha, this is business, but also the fun of innovation.

we know clearly that the way of the future competition will be more crowded, every car will adhere to the beginner’s mind, however, do a temperature, products of love.

in this way, we hope our drivers and passengers, the most lovely people, our hearts can together with the car every day, to create a better and better to make everyone live a carefree world.


every day car founder/CEO

on April 13, 2015, the night