Workplace social new gameplay: Treatings let you and professional people in the cafe “date”

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popular point said, Treatings creation process is two men give up high salary job, an investment bank, set up new social mode, let professionals from all walks of life can have a chance to talk about, listen to the voice from the first line is the most real. Treatings have LinkedIn links the characteristics of the professionals, and combines the true epic of offline activities. Drink coffee and talk about their work, and also become a kind of leisure.

origin: when you confused need to talk about

vigorous two people on the picture is the founder of Treatings Hayden, Williams and Paul Osetinsky, they met in Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University), was once slept in the upper and lower good brothers.

after graduation, both smooth work started investment Banks – in and out of Wall Street, engaged in financial work, led the high salary. But even so, Williams and Osetinsky two people gradually found that the current work is not good, they want even if open to BMW, with senior affordable goods, always feel a little empty.

so, what kind of job is suitable?

want to listen to advice is not easy – after all, both in financial circles, understanding, to talk about career development are mostly circles. And, after all, an inter-bank such as hills, want to talk and engaged in the work of other professionals, this also is not so good looking for opportunity.

but these can be passed Williams and Osetinsky both luminaries – since there is no suitable opportunity and platform, then create a bai!

simplify entrepreneurship: easier said than done

in 2012, two people from Wall Street to leave. Met in 10 years, moved into the small apartment in New York together, sleep again into upper and lower. Both witty friend not only to return to the college of homoclinic model, also the work moved to New York university library – virtually saves a lot of office rent.

at this point, Williams and Osetinsky started between us in the line of sight of the students curiosity or despise began their entrepreneurship at the beginning of a draw the outline of a dash Treatings prototype.

“tasting coffee fragrance, meet interesting people” workplace, Treatings aim is to provide a new thought of social, allow people to share their career in real life intravenous drip, based on this, confused and helpless people can listen to industry full-time professionals share, also let those who are willing to share the professionals have the opportunity to through the way of communication, narrative to know his work.

however, as the proverb says, “is easier said than done,”. There is only the Treatings conception is obviously not enough, Williams and Osetinsky entrepreneurship is still see “road”.

as two financial male, both of them in the App entrepreneurial novice road is worthy of the name rookie. In order to achieve the Treatings conception, two people began to learn all kinds of knowledge needed.

at the beginning, Treatings desktop only, until the early (on March 4, 2015) was first launched a mobile App. Below is Treatings client application guide map, you can see Treatings Logo – just happy collision of two cups of coffee.

memories along the way, Williams said, in the entrepreneurial process Treatings has let them proud moment – for example, when a certain Treatings early users through this platform to find a deutsche bank work, the sense of fulfillment is conceivable. But inevitably, have a fairly low side in the entrepreneurial process – in addition to the problem of project, when you are in their twenties fast approaching, and also know more than a decade old sleep double bed crowded with small apartments, in order to project are basically 24 hours stay together, it is really be a struggle. Last summer, after has spent several months of lobbying, they are the developers or join Treatings refused to give up the original work, this has really let two people deeply. But fortunately, Treatings eventually get gradually on the right track.

Treatings: light and heavy

after so much background story, at the moment to talk about the Treatings the application itself.

registered Treatings must link LinkedIn, in some ways, Treatings is attached to the LinkedIn, though less independence and opening up, but to some extent also provides a layer of security – and that an user will pass the messages as consideration, to more than a layer of judgment about the homeowners.

register Treatings users will mark their own professional skills, interests, and are willing to choose their own city meet talk about drink a cup of coffee. Then Treatings will list interests, users see people who are interested in, you can direct messages to each other about a cup of coffee and talk about their common interests and career. Treatings name and Logo is also derived from this – Treat some one have a cup of coffee and a cup of coffee with coffee listen to other people’s work.

says it is light, is to apply the concise. Users’ personal information from the LinkedIn grab, users only need to provide vocational skills, interests, such as keywords, search for people interested in the workplace, and choose to go to the coffee shop, can contribute to a valuable communication.

said its thick, is to “meet for a cup of coffee” behind the amount of information and information value. Meet interesting people, workplace listening to a line of people is the most real share or veteran experience, the content is Treatings most valuable.

in Williams, Treatings do is create a sense of sharing. He said, “you searched on Treatings, are willing to share work, willing to meet new partners.”

yes, Treatings comprehensive workplace social tools LinkedIn features – let you meet more specialized professionals, the but again not LiknkedIn less formal, more ground. At the same time, the Treatings provides offline social opportunity, and than the average line of the party to more targeted – ordinary offline party is, by a large group of like-minded Treatings provides 1 v1 in-depth communication platform.

imagining the future: light application of the full development of

Treatings entrepreneurship has always been a walk of concise style, model reduction, UI design, team reduction, office space, even venture capital source come from just two people after a substantial savings and investment banking at work until the beginning of the year has confirmed the angel of a $250000 investment. After got the angel investment, Williams and Osetinsky will be ready to recruit extension team for the first time, in order to optimize the iOS version Treatings application well.

in addition, their priority will be to develop user base (Treatings now has 6000 users). Currently Treatings has not yet profitable, two people are very optimistic, Williams also joked that this tax season declare very simple. Direction for future earnings, two people also conceive, they intend to cooperate with organizations to achieve, for institutions to provide more win-win offline social members.

of course, the realization of the idea is not easy, always before two people life now also no shiny, but Williams said, he will not return to the past financial work.

“it’s the Treatings application puts glorious greatly now.” He said, “the current workplace social already had certain foundation, users will be able to accept this mode of online positioning offline sharing. People also more and more adapted to use technology to expand your social circle workplace.”

“Treatings make all areas of professional personage to be able to communicate with each other, it is adapt to the current needs of people.” Williams is concluded.

Source: BI

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