Won’t release a new generation of smart phones, positioning autodyne artifact “night”


tonight, beautiful company held in Beijing “a level appearance pretty (make) high conference” – the beautiful phone conference. The beautiful company has released two new product – “high level” appearance “the beautiful M4” smartphones and “beauty makeup the camera app, at the same time, appearance and MEIOS2, the beautiful game box, most remote controller, the beautiful take such as software and hardware product as the fill light.

appearance and configuration information

the beautiful M4 on April 10, will be held in the beautiful net (www.meitu.com), purchase, suning stores Su Ningyi first pin, there are white moonlight, dazzling red, mint green three colors, and Hello Kitty special edition. Among them, the beautiful M4 standard version (32 g) sells for 2199 yuan, Hello Kitty special edition is priced at 2499 yuan.

in appearance, won the M4, according to the human body engineering design of the handheld is feeling more comfortable surface modeling, and lasted most smartphones classic “double V” design language, line more concise fashion. Sale JUSTWILL, most MLGB M4 protection shell, fashion sense.

the beautiful M4 carrying MEIOS2 operating system, around the “smart”, “security”, “entertainment” three major emphasis for the upgrade. Network support, the beautiful M4 support 4 g network of China mobile, China unicom, covers 9 band 4 g LTE connections, as well as downward compatible with China mobile, China unicom 3 g and 2 g network.

“night take artifact”

since May 2013 since the release of the first generation, the beautiful smart phones with high pixel front-facing camera and outstanding homemade skin care effect, wide praise users, became synonymous with “take the mobile phone”. , then, is the biggest bright spot is the conference of new “won the M4” smartphone, positioning “night take artifact”.

according to the beautiful state information, the beautiful M4 specifically targeted at night take to optimize the software and hardware: increase the night scene specifically for automatic white balance, automatic metering focus, intelligent exposure, face tracking and so on many new features. Hardware, the use of a new generation of SONY 13 million pixels front-facing camera, has more excellent noise reduction technology, better color reduction ability, more suitable for weak light environment of large aperture; New generation from Fujitsu Milbeaut image processor, ensure the front-facing camera in low light environment also can produce pure image.

with the beautiful M4 released accessories and won the remote control at the same time, the beautiful M4 rotating stents, won’t take fill light, meet user remote self-time, arbitrary Angle take demand, lighting and other premium night around the autodyne, is nothing.

this conference, 15 as the host, the beautiful “chief officer” appearance Angelababy attended the conference. During the meeting, the beautiful chairman of the board of directors of the company announced Mr. CAI, the beautiful mobile terminal product of the total number of users has reached 980 million, covering 680 million mobile devices. In 2014, won the company completed A, B, C three rounds of financing, financing amount is 360 million dollars, the beautiful company valued at $2 billion after C round of financing.

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