Won’t buy (enough)? About the United States, most companies can do more


about the United States, started with the software of most companies have a picture of the picture and video version of the show, and other series of abound. Temptation was said to have 980 million users, covering 680 million mobile devices, it is enough to illustrate its success. But it wasn’t content to “soft”, “hard” up the beautiful company, after every issued many hardware products, the core is naturally beautiful mobile phone, the conference last night, but also strong in 6, consumers are also highly visible.

a brief introduction: the M4 is equipped with a 4.7 -inch, IPS screen resolution of 1280 * 1280. Customization system based on Android 4.4 depth MEIOS 2 have the unity and the shape diamond UI style.


hardware MT6752 64 8-core 1.7 GHZ processor, 13 million pixels and rear-facing cameras, Fujitsu SONY Milbeaut image processor, AP + independent image processor double image engine, it is no wonder that the beautiful M4 dares to positioning for “night take artifact”.

cloud network hunting think are highly personalized, M4 on the right side is equipped with a central take key, click on the can from any interface call out the camera, press it again will take in two seconds, greatly increase the convenience of the autodyne entity key. In addition, it is said that the beautiful M4 is the sole support of slow motion video front-facing camera phones. Were indeed “all to himself.”

phone this piece of the red sea is redder than the big aunt, don’t be a real one, I’m afraid the Dead Sea is not too far distance. Instead of apple is no longer, robbed the samsung larger historical mission, samsung then pulled out of the side panel, high praise, is said to have succeeded in attracting the attention of the user, promote the sales. So, we see that the beautiful surrounding this night is more suitable for leisure time, seize the night shoot “scary” pain points, managed to find the breakthrough point of self.

however, cloud network hunting success or failure of this article is not intended to predict the beautiful M4 mainly want to talk about the understanding of “beauty”, about the beauty, beautiful pictures can also do something.

to see a report first, iresearch joint beauty camera earlier this year, it issued a women take report, according to a report: take women, is the mainstream after 85, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing is a main… These people the average personal income of 5124 yuan, take frequency above 3 times a day, 87.4% were satisfied with the take effect, take the girl, the grade level is greater than the 7 points of their appearance accounted for 71.8%, B cup more than 80%. Month consumption expenditure is the biggest clothing, followed by skin care and cosmetics…

well, look at age, work gradually stable after 85, the average monthly income of 5000 + compared with 2199 yuan of the beautiful M4 mobile phone, something’s wrong. Hunting is the last sentence of the cloud network special identification, consumption expenditure is the biggest clothing, followed by skin care and make-up classes.

about make-up, the conference also issued a “camera” beauty makeup, technology can be realized without makeup effect. As the cloud network would like to ask, amazon has a key shopping service, step by step, the beautiful female consumer markets, will engage “gather beauty is superior” cosmetics, such as electricity, let users one-click beauty makeup, after buying can achieve the effect of cosmetics, of course, technology will also join skin analysis and other high-end technology to better fit the needs of different users.

then open to the infinite imagination, the next step will be “beauty” camera, clothes, after all, is the largest in the consumer spending, virtual fitting software also is in sadly arisen, the beautiful if you can put this technology integrated into their beautiful mobile phone, then were indeed formed a full big ecological of beauty.

the beautiful women hold users, not very accurate, is wanting a user (it is said that men are also accounted for the proportion of a third). , to provide for the love of beauty is human nature, use can be associated with beauty, clothing has been mentioned above, “food”, do not advocate hunting cloud network with thin for beauty, but advocate health for beauty, similar to this “live” “use” is great in the article. From this point of view, the beautiful is in an impregnable position. Also, you can see that the beautiful started with software and cut into the hardware industry as well as the right thing to do.

but say so many, beautiful in my heart has always been a cloak, modified image, like a beautiful 1.0; Maybe arrived late, the beautiful can set up their own beautiful school, turn America into “real beauty”, namely beautiful 2.0; If can at the same time to enhance the overall quality of the people, inside and outside and repair, beautiful, simple, natural, can be called “true”, namely beautiful 3.0.

since then, cloud network hunting feel temptation has only just started, on the way of beauty, you can do is really too much.

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